Interactive landing pages increase conversion rates by giving users a fresh experience. It actively engages viewers to participate in point interactions.

An interactive landing page assists the user in participating in some form of action. It increases user engagement through micro-interactions, which pursue page viewers and make the page more attractive.

Games, videos, quizzes, conversations, and puzzles are interactive elements designed to engage users actively.

This focus on a single purpose distinguishes interactive pages from others. Its primary objective is to generate leads, usually bundled with email and social media campaigns, and to turn those leads into customers or subscribers. In most cases, click-to-call buttons or online sales forms are utilized to transform site visitors into qualified leads successfully.

Despite having visitors, your conversion rate is 0%. You have high-quality products on your website but don’t have a loyal audience to sell them to.

We can’t risk losing potential customers because we haven’t tried more creative ways to make effective landing pages. So, we have to make sure that every possibility is covered to convert.

People will become engaged when they visit interactive landing pages.

This form of engagement can be made possible if the customer is offered something in return for purchasing the products being sold by the company.

Something amusing while also being convincing. So, you have interactive elements, such as videos, quizzes, and graphics, that are an example of things that can assist you in achieving this level of engagement.

Instead of asking for a purchase, it aims to persuade by presenting benefits, displaying pain points, and related visual representations. Interactions are not limited to static content.

But What are Interactive Landing Pages?

Interactive-elements-on-a-Landing Page

Before we extract massive conversions from an interactive landing page, let’s first understand it. A landing page is an independent web page created for marketing an offer. This offer can be a coupon code, product, e-book, etc. A visitor arrives at a landing page after clicking on the call to action/link for an offer from marketing campaigns like social media ads or email.

The future of online marketing lies in making landing pages interactive.

To make a conversion, your visitors must make a confident decision after reading your content. It is only possible in the two cases listed below.

  1. When you can hold the visitors’ attention longer and make an immediate impression.

  2. When you present information clearly and succinctly.

Interactive landing page designs improve the user experience, personalize the sign-up process, and keep viewers engaged.

You don’t need to use jargon or lengthy paragraphs to make your landing pages interactive. Marketers must add value that undoubtedly boosts conversion to their landing pages, such as:

  • Title with focused keyword

  • Tell a tale that evokes emotion

  • Graphics representing a pain point

  • Interactive quizzes

  • Animations and mini-games

Converting visitors to buyers from your landing page is challenging.

Making a landing page interactive is not just a goal of modern digital marketers; many multinational and technology consulting companies also use this tactic to boost sales.

However, the conversion fate depends on what you provide viewers in exchange for a product purchase within the interval between their visit and departure.

Why Should You Invest in Interactive Landing Pages?


An interactive landing page design is essential for a flourishing business. Interactive landing pages that aren’t compelling enough won’t convert visitors into leads and eventually into into paying customers. This will result in an increased bounce rate.

To be safe, investing in making landing pages interactive is the top priority, which is why marketing managers are inoculating micro-interaction.

Now, let’s see why you should consider investing in interactive content. According to recent surveys,

  1. Approximately 81% of digital marketers say their ability to stand out from the competition results from interactive content.

  2. It has been reported that 93% of B2B companies say that interactive content effectively increases conversion rates.

  3. About 79% of marketers believe that interactive content has reusable elements.

There are so many reasons why interactive content converts directly. Some of them are:

1. Increases engagement


Engagement nurtures trust between your product and its visitors. The chances of converting fully engaged visitors into customers are higher with interactive content. Interactive landing pages actively involve your viewers, causing them to appreciate your brand’s goals and make a purchase.

Visitors who engage with your webpage spend more time on it, absorb the information, and perceive your brand message.

Interactive features keep visitors interested and enhance the possibility that they’ll buy your products, helping you create a solid relationship. Various interactions, such as clicking, scrolling, and playing with landing page elements, enhance engagement.

For example, in your collection of products, you might offer visitors the ability to customise their purchase by having an option to create a unique item that reflects their personality.

2. Educates usersQuizzes-and-animation-on-Interactive-Landing-Page

B2B companies use the concept of educating viewers, claiming that interactive message helps them achieve this goal.

Make it easier for your website visitors to consume information by educating them with elements such as quizzes, videos, graphics, and storytelling. Such landing pages increase the brand’s authority and trustworthiness.

Before making a purchase, visitors are guided by interactive elements to learn everything they can about the product.

Understand that your users are resilient, know what they want, and have no time to read lengthy information. Now, all your interactive landing page has to do is lock the first glance, build confidence, and create fear of losing out.

3. Provides freshness


In addition, interactive landing pages help the company to differentiate itself from its numerous competitors. It adds originality to your service, builds trust, and positions you as a top-tier service provider in your sector.

Now, returning to the interactive landing page’s input, most businesses invest part of their revenue in creating interactive content.

When investing in making landing pages interactive, your key goals should be in accordance with the following:

  • Incorporating interactive features

  • Content filtering to improve results

  • Update with new offers regularly

  • Analyze how visitors process info

Using interactive landing pages that arouse interest is a more successful strategy for qualifying leads. It also engages with prospective customers and collects interaction insights before they convert.

How to Make Landing Pages Interactive?


Interactive media engages the user actively, whether it is infographics, puzzles, quizzes, videos, or stories. Compared to static content, micro-interaction and playful elements significantly impact landing page conversions. Engagement requires interaction and and all the creative juices. Thus, the conversion rate of your website increases as a result.

Interactive landing pages can include the following elements:

1. Conversation


Conversations are one type of interactive element that serves a specific intention. It is not the simplest form to create, but it engages visitors.

Artful Science (a marketing and online design agency) is your go-to source for conversational landing pages powered by their bot personality, Milo.

Instead of having boring form fields, with the help of its chatbot on the landing page, the agency has been starting dialogues. After that, the conversation continues to convert visitors by providing them with the most incredible offer all with an interactive tool.

2. Explainer Video


According to a survey, 72% of consumers prefer videos to written content. It projects that people absorb information very well through videos. As a result, videos can boost conversion rates.

Video content strongly influences user psychology, eliciting purchasing behaviours. Explainer videos are used to demonstrate a product and practically clarify product-related FAQs.

When it comes to video content that is related to sales, make sure they are well-made, concise, and direct to the point. Moreover, the content of each video needs to be relevant to the products you are offering. Such videos will help you create a brand image that is memorable and powerful, ensuring that you are the first thing potential customers think about when they want to buy a product in your niche. Videos are a valuable part of Clickfunnels’ marketing strategy.

3. Animations


Nowadays, animation makes visitor interactions on landing pages more pleasant and appealing. Animation in UX design, 3D illustrations, stop-motion, and typography all aid in increasing conversion rates

Besides this, you can also use GIFs. The SE Rankings is a better example of an animated landing page website.

The previous winter, SE Ranking brightened our holiday wishes by incorporating falling snowflakes on it’s landing page.

4. Quizzes


At their best, quizzes capture a prospect’s attention by posing a question or challenging the prospect to fill in a blank (especially when people are likely bored). At the very least, asking a few simple questions during your sales conversations will enable you to discover data.

Like whether your prospects need what you’re selling, want it or not, and if so, how much they are willing to pay for it.

They help create lead magnets, hook prospects into sharing more about themselves, and capture their emails in exchange for an e-book or other free resource.

You could check out brands like Sephora, where people take quizzes to purchase things that are recommended to them based on the quiz results.

5. Tell A Story


Marketers use storytelling to convince visitors and turn them into leads.

While storytelling can be a highly effective way to make a pitch, not all forms of storytelling are successful. The audience becomes engaged as they relate the story to their personal experience and seek a solution to their problem. Furthermore, visual narrative formats increase conversion.

If you want to create a landing page that showcases a success story in-depth or educates visitors through text-heavy pages, then advertorial landing pages might also work for you.

You might also use story formats and media combinations that are appealing to the audience you are trying to reach. Visitors easily trust you when they can relate to the characters and emotions in the stories.

The email from Moo best illustrates how to convey a story. The email recipient who clicks on the CTA “Snip the string” will be taken to a landing page where the story continues.

6. Multi-step Interactive Forms

A multi-step form will display all the necessary information before proceeding to the action button.

Multi-step interactive contact forms are unique interactions that keep prospective customers interested. They increase visitor awareness, resulting in the best conversion rate. Using these interactive forms allows leads to participate in your process and understand your thought process with details they will need before purchasing any product.

A multi-step interactive landing page by singlemomindebt is the best in its category. We have broken down the interactive steps to provide you with a clear understanding of how they enable visitors to leave responses to the questions related to the purpose of the activity.





Puzzles and mini-games can also help to make the landing page more interactive and generate leads. However, you should seek the best tools best tools that work great in interacting with your website, audience, and product.

Disadvantages of Interactive Landing Pages

There are a lot of perks that come with using interactive landing pages, but there are also a few drawbacks. On the other hand, with the proper sort of guidance, these shortcomings can be overcome.

The following are serious drawbacks:

  1. Interactive pages may not be responsive on all devices. The high degree of interactivity may cause layout issues on some mobile devices. Check that it renders adequately on all devices.

  2. A page with a considerable amount of interactive content may take longer to load, leading to an increase in the percentage of visitors who leave the page without engaging further.

  3. More input of time and cost commitment is required to create interactive content.

  4. Users who are photosensitive often have convulsions when exposed to bright visual representations. Therefore, you have no choice but to avoid it.

  5. When looking for an example of an interactive pages, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the requirements of your visitors. You must ensure that all potential downsides have been resolved before the official release.

Summing Up

Interactive landing pages give visitors something to click on and encourage them to take action, which helps increase conversion rates. The degree of engagement on landing pages also varies, which affects how users react to an on-page prompt.

It is also crucial to understand the needs of your visitors when choosing interactive design elements for building high-converting landing pages.

Landing page development services benefit small businesses and start-ups because these types of companies typically lack the resources and time necessary to create an effective landing page from scratch.

Landing page creation services are available for a reasonable price and handle the entirety of the process on your behalf. This includes everything from the construction of a design and the drafting of content to the promotion of the finished interactive landing page on social media channels.

We can design anything from scratch or generate dynamic landing pages using landing page builders. Contact us right now!


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