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Charity Landing Page

A charity landing page is a type of landing page which is optimised to get donations. Here are factors which you can use to increase sign-ups on your charity Landing Page:

Strong Headline:

With a charity landing page the aim should be to introduce high attention grabbing headline and subhead that stands out. You can also use case studies of people / projects you have undertaken who have been impacted by your work. This will have a positive impact as donors always doubt whether their money is well spent.

Social Proof:

A reinforcing donor quote or testimonial with real photos. If you don’t have testimonials can you prepare a stat which has the numbers of donors. As shown by research, people really like looking at human faces on the web, and testimonials are more likely to be trusted when they include a photo of the person quoting it.

Call to Action Button:

Although a page could have multiple buttons across the charity landing page but the primary action on the page or the page goal should be consistent. If you are taking payments have donation buttons for different amount. E.g. Donate £50, Donate $100 etc.

Include a Phone number:

Lot many times organisations do not include direct phone numbers. Adding contact numbers on your landing pages will instil trust and confidence.

Social Media Counters:

Another great way to add social proof is by adding social media count boxes. The boxes that display the number of people that have liked your brand across channels like Facebook or Twitter. Those numbers can’t be faked.

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Landing Page Features:

  • Bold, strong headlines with a focus on the video above the fold.
  • Engaging images, testimonial, logos, badges all compliment the factors that drive conversions.
  • Built from the ground up using Balsamiq, Photoshop & integrated in Unbounce.

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