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Mobile Landing Page designed to offer consultation session

A mobile landing page is a type of landing page which features an optimised page specific for mobile devices. Often times the page is a responsive version of the desktop page. Here are some factors which you can use to increase sign-ups on your Mobile Landing Page:

## Page Size: One of the major factors which influence conversions is page speed. A mobile landing page should open in 5 seconds or less. This is our target when designing pages. To ensure pages load fast we recommend using compressed images, minified js, css files.

Tap to Call Action Buttons:

As mobile users would be willing to just talk to someone at the other end. It’s worth testing a variation with Tap to Call buttons instead of the normal buttons which either open up optin forms or scroll to sections on the page.

Dedicated Landing Pages:

If you are running a PPC campaigns and targeting specific users on your mobile landing page, one recommendation would be to serve a mobile only landing page which has been fully optimised for smaller screens. At Apexure, we also leverage AMP for mobile in Unbounce and conventional HTML/CSS.

Mobile Friendly UI elements:

In order to improve User experience, instead of using drop down menus for less options try using buttons. Buttons are easy to tap on mobile devices and fun.

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Landing Page Features:

  • Bold, strong headlines with clean typography and branding.
  • Engaging images which compliment the overall branding and create less distraction.
  • Built from the ground up using Balsamiq, Photoshop, Custom PHP.

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