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Webinar Landing Page designed to get more signups

Webinars, is one of the tried and tested method for capturing leads by showcasing authority. Webinar Landing Pages have the added responsibility to convince users to sign up.

Factors which you can use to increase sign-ups on your Webinar Landing Pages.

Existing Webinars:

Have you conducted webinars in the past? If yes, use recordings and list them on their landing pages so visitors can have a feel of what they should expect.

Headline; Webinar USP:

The Unique Selling Proposition on why somebody should attend. This headline should be clear, concise and attention grabbing.

Urgency and Scarcity:

Using urgency and scarcity and effective psychological factors that can influence visitors to sign up. E.g if your webinar is starting on the 1st of October. You can have a countdown which shows days / time left. You can also limit the number of users who can sign up. This can have two potential benefits. One, you can have a countdown number to show seats available. Second, a limited small number can impy visitors can ask questions and engage with the speaker.

Ensure you mention the date and time of your webinar loud and clear.


One of the strong and powerful images you can use for your Webinar Landing pages are photos with the host and audience. Also try putting captions under your images. People almost always read the captions under images.

For guest speakers you can add their short bio with their photos. You can also include LinkedIn profile icons (which can link to their linkedin profiles in a popup) to showcase their credibility.

Call to Action Button:

Although a page could have multiple buttons across the landing page but the primary action on the page or the page goal should be consistent. Instead of the words like “submit” you can get creative and include terms like “Save my Spot”, “I want to see this”.

Social Proof:

A reinforcing customer quote or testimonial with real photos. If you don’t have testimonials can you prepare a stat which has the numbers of users who have previously attended your webinars. As shown by research, people really like looking at human faces on the web, and testimonials are more likely to be trusted when they include a photo of the person quoting it.

Social Media Counters:

Another great way to add social proof is by adding social media count boxes. The boxes that display the number of people that have liked your brand across channels like Facebook or Twitter. Those numbers can’t be faked.

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According to ON24’s report the conversion rate of a webinar’s registrants turning into live attendees is just 42.9%:

Landing Page Features:

  • Bold, strong headlines with clean typography.
  • Engaging visuals which compliment the overall branding and target audience.
  • Built from the ground up using Balsamiq and Photoshop.

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