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Launch your marketing in the right direction with expert advice from our Marketing Automation Consultants. Build a scalable system which grows as your business grows.

Marketing Automation, at Scale with No Stress

At Apexure, we partner with you to make sure their journey to transform Marketing with the right technology and experience. We plan, strategise and build either as an ongoing advisory partner or hands-on execution.

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Our Bespoke Approach to Marketing Automation Consulting

Marketing automation for SME could seem very expensive and quite complicated. However, with the right set of tools and proven frameworks for following up, nurturing and delighting customers will just seamlessly work.

As a Marketing Agency, we work with you to understand your full marketing and sales cycle. Can help you with:
  • Initial setup

  • Data imports

  • Buyer personas

  • Funnel creation

  • Data cleanliness

  • Lead generation strategies

  • Lead Magnets

  • List segmentation

  • Automation rules

  • Automated workflows

  • Lead scoring

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Forms and source tracking

  • Website integration & UTM Tracking

  • Landing pages

  • A/B testing

  • CRM integration

  • Hand-offs to sales

  • Custom notifications

  • Analytics and KPI dashboards

  • Third-party Integration

Our strategy complement's your existing sales process we work with you to define every step in your marketing automation sequence.

Simple Marketing Automation for SME?

Not every SME wants to have all the bells and whistles of an expensive marketing tool. Apexure’s marketing automation consulting team has expertise in configuring and customising email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign to achieve many of the same goals at a tiny fraction of the cost.

For example, for our brand, we have implemented a multi-channel workflow built and executed entirely with a WordPress website, paid advertising, ActiveCampaign, Unbounce, Calendly and LeadGen.

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What are the benefits of Marketing automation for an SME?

There are many reasons why you should invest in marketing automation:

  • Collect and manage leads in one place.

  • Assist marketing team to nurture leads into Marketing Qualified and Sales Qualified Leads automatically. Develop a lead generation system which works and scales as you grow.

  • Give your sales team enriched data, helping them convert leads to paid customers.

  • Bring marketing and sales team together

  • Reduce time on appointment scheduling and remove the chance of error.

  • As a business owner have insights on what is and what’s not working in your marketing channels.

How We Can Help You Get More Sales with Marketing Automation

Our SME marketing automation consulting services are right for you if:

  • You’re a B2B small/medium enterprise or a startup that already has, or is considering investing in a marketing automation solution.

  • Your sales team is spending time on cold calling and prospecting when they would instead focus on warm or hot leads.

  • You want to have a system which converts old or new leads into appointments for your sales team.

  • You are not following up your leads on-time.

  • You want to pace up your automation by following up leads based on their behaviours.

  • You find your existing marketing automation tool cumbersome and hard to manage.

  • Your sales team is complaining of low quality or unqualified leads and do not see an ROI from your present expensive marketing stack.

  • You want to create a lead generation system that is scalable and not rely on leads generated from hosting events or handful of leads which have come via search.

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Our SME Marketing Automation Service

To assist our SME B2B clients, we offer a more extensive range of consulting and hands-on services related to marketing automation, including the following:

Marketing Automation Strategy - In this phase, we first define the scope and show you how marketing automation can support your existing system and increase opportunities for new sales.

Marketing Automation Build and Implement - Once the business goals are defined, we start building the automation and plug your marketing for success.

Marketing Automation Migration - We help to migrate from your existing expensive system over to ActiveCampaign over a fraction of the cost.

Marketing Automation Optimisation - There is always a new marketing tactic or improvement which you can do. We can optimise your existing marketing automation rules.

We recommend ActiveCampaign as our core Marketing Automation Platform

We are deeply skilled in supporting clients who use ActiveCampaign, but we also have extensive experience working with many other marketing automation platforms.

In ActiveCampaign we have expertise in:
  • Setting up ActiveCampaign CRM Deals and Pipelines
  • Lists, Segments and Tags
  • Automation around various businesses
  • Process Third-party integrations

Book a call with us and let’s talk more about ActiveCampaign automation for your business.

Apexure Team
Apexure Team

Our Bespoke Approach to Marketing Automation Consulting

Marketing automation for SME could seem very expensive and quite complicated. However, with the right set of tools and proven frameworks for following up, nurturing and delighting customers will just seamlessly work.

Let Us Solve Your Marketing Automation Headache and Save You Time

2020 has put us in new challenges. With new times, it’s hard to hire, retain and manage a full-time marketing team. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through this problem as you are.

That’s because you can use Acitve Campaign marketing automation workflows to manage leads, nurture them and book appointments without having to rely on expensive staff. Even when the economic conditions are not favourable, you can still rely on your automated system, which runs in the background for you.

Let’s build an automation system which helps you to work on the business rather than in it.