How To Use Squeeze Page

A Squeeze page is a type of landing page with just one objective - collect or squeeze out email address from visitors. What are the factors which you can use to increase conversions on your Squeeze Pages?

Attention Grabbing Headline:

Ensure the first text users read has the punch to attract visitors and grab their attention. Add the benefit in your main headline so your ethical bribe works.


Make sure you are matching the offer with source. E.g. If you are expecting new visitors and want to offer them free delivery vs existing customers offering them 10% discount, your squeeze page should be relevant to the right audience.

A Hero Image/Video:

One of the highlights of a click-through page is to include a high quality product image or screenshot, or an embedded video.

Use splash pages:

Try using your squeeze page as a Splash page which appears the first time the visitor visits your website. Instead of having a close button in the top right corner you can add buttons e.g. “No thanks, take me to the website”, “No thanks, I don’t want to increase conversions” etc.

Call to Action Button:

Use a striking Call to Action which emphasises on the benefit. Instead of the words like “submit” you can get creative and include terms like “Save my Spot”, “I want to see this”, “Give me access” etc.

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Landing Page Features:

  • Designed as an affiliate page for Amazon store.
  • Easy to read headline with 'above the fold' sub-headings.
  • Engaging visuals which compliment the Ronica’s target audience.
  • Built from the ground up using Balsamiq and Photoshop.
  • Includes subtle conversion rate optimization techniques like creating urgency, to improve conversions.

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Mehdi S, Founder


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