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A product landing page offers a unique challenge to provide all the necessary information to the visitor to nourish them in the buyer journey.

At Apexure we ask our clients to fill out a brief which helps us understand the target audience and the anxieties users might have when they think of buying the product. Whenever we built a product landing page, we give visitors right pieces of information and list out the benefits in a very clear and concise manner.

AB Split Testing:

To make your product landing page super effective consider testing the following elements:

Hero Image:

For Landing Pages related to offering products we recommend testing out the main hero product image. A front shot vs a side shot could have a significant impact on conversions.

Real Social Proof:

If you are planning to create a click-through page for your Amazon product, we recommend adding reviews from your amazon product page onto your Click-through Product Landing Page. Similarly if you can add reviews from Twitter/Facebook. Adding social proof is very effective technique to increase conversions.

Increase trust by adding an Iron Clad Guarantee

Do you offer a money back guarantee or something similar which will build more trust? If yes, then adding a badge to communicate this information before the fold is powerful.

Adding a Live Chat Feature

If your potential buyers are looking for some information which is not clear on the page you can set a trigger and popup a chat window at a timed delay. This would allow visitors to ask any questions they might have and will eventually drive more sales / conversions.

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Landing Page Features:

  • The page follows a strong visual hierarchy to promote the most important content up front.
  • Clear Value Proposition, Non-Stock images, Testimonials, Background Video, Logos all compliment the factors that drive conversions.
  • Built from the ground up using Balsamiq, Photoshop & integrated in Unbounce.
  • Easy to fill pop-up form.

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