If you want to drastically lower your learning curve by going through some of the best-performing landing page examples by an award-winning agency, you are in the right place.

In this post, you will learn that psychology and marketing are more closely intertwined than you can ever imagine…

And one of the first people to highlight this interrelation was none other than New York Times bestselling author, Dr Robert Cialdini in his marketing book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

iRegents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, Dr Robert Cialdini, is renowned worldwide for his research in the psychology of influence

Without further ado, let me get on with it by sharing some landing page optimization best practices.

Best Landing Page Examples By Apexure

The examples given below showcase how we, at Apexure, constantly strive to understand the psychology behind consumer behaviour.

Landing Page Example #1

A Webinar Registration Page for a Client in the Financial Services Sector


Let’s look at our first landing page example - a webinar registration landing page, and some of the factors due to which it is converting so well.

For starters, the topic is abundantly clear. The webinar title is, “What’s next for Boards in Financial Services?”

Notice how we are directly calling our target audience - business leaders in the financial services space.

We are giving away FREE information that is of great value to our target audience. Once they consume this information, they are more likely to be receptive to all the paid offers on the backend.


Including a “Featured Speakers” section on the landing page builds Authority. Adding this section and similar credibility builders (like testimonials trust bar) will dramatically improve your conversion rate.

We make it clear that we have “Limited Seats”. And, that’s how we leverage Scarcity. Now, this is an on-demand webinar. Had this been a live webinar, we could leverage scarcity even more.


Here’s How the Landing Page Fared:

  • Visitors - 225

  • Views - 332

  • Conversions - 77

  • Conversion rate - 34.22%


Landing Page Example #2

A Lead Generation Page for a FREE ebook

This is another lead gen page that we designed for a client in the medical space.

The main headline on the landing page is, “ANATOMIC GUIDE WORKFLOW FOR FULL ARCH REHABILITATION”.

Additionally, we also have a sub-headline, “6 easy steps for a successful, quick and hassle-free surgery with the Anatomic GuideTM Workflow protocol”.

What is the main conversion driver here?

If you said, “Unique Mechanism”, you are bang on…

The “ANATOMIC GUIDE WORKFLOW” is our unique mechanism that stokes curiosity and makes the reader go, “Gee…I wonder what this is all about”.


Social proof on a landing page in the form of estimonials from subject matter experts Dr. Bobby Birdi DMD, MS and Dr. Gordon Brady builds trust and AUTHORITY.

An ebook funnel, if built right can be an incredibly effective way of marketing high-ticket offers.


Here’s How the Landing Page Fared:

  • Visitors - 1084

  • Views - 1351

  • Conversions - 236

  • Conversion rate - 21.77%


Landing Page Example #3

A Landing Page for a Free Software Trial


I have another question for you folks…

What is the biggest needle mover in internet marketing?

Is it your landing page design? Is it your ads? Or is it your copy?…

Actually, it’s none of these

The biggest needle mover in internet marketing is your offer

You CANNOT market a poor offer even if you have the best landing page design, the best ads, and the most kickass copy in the world….

And with purply.com, our landing page is marketing an irresistible offer…a free software trial…

We have a FAQ section on the landing page explaining how this software works because we are marketing a sophisticated app, we have a FAQ section describing how exactly this software works…

Let’s look at some of the other marketing principles that make this page tick…

Offering a free trial…a “peek behind the curtain” remains one of the most successful marketing strategies.

This is especially true for those selling software, or info-products…

If you have a good offer, you will succeed in converting a healthy percentage of FREE users to PAID users with this strategy.


These are some of the landing page copy elements that we have used on this page to build authority and social proof:

  • Purply holds over 14,415,517 successful sales conversions

  • Registered Affiliate Websites: 135,509

  • $1,604,128,711: SALES GENERATED

  • A B2B SaaS Company: They delivered exactly what they promised: high converting, compliant


Here’s How the Landing Page Fared:

  • Visitors - 1071

  • Views - 1411

  • Conversions - 79

  • Conversion rate - 7.38%


Suggested Read: B2B SaaS Marketing: The Right Landing Page Strategy For SaaS

Landing Page Example #4

Lead Generation Page for a Real Estate Player


Our next landing page example offers a free cash offer on opt-in.

The sub-headline “We’ve helped hundreds of people sell on their timeline to a proven cash buyer, giving them security knowing their property is sold” highlights the big benefit while building trust and authority…

An action-driven CTA “Get Your Cash Offer” encourages them to commit to an idea or goal. The click-to-call button at the top of page also helps better the UX.


Here’s How the Landing Page Fared:

  • Visitors - 273

  • Views - 470

  • Conversions - 45

  • Conversion rate - 16.48%


Landing Page Example #5

A Lead Generation Page for a Home Improvement Player

Here’s another example of a Landing Page that is absolutely crushing it.

winning-landing-page-examples-by-apexure-and-uncovering-consumer-psychology-16.webpThe client has gone all out to craft an irresistible offer. In addition to 0% financing, the client, Gutter Guards America, offers a money-back guarantee to address consumer objections.

We have cited reputed rating agencies like Home Advisor and Consumer Advocacy group to build authority.

Additionally, this landing page is another excellent use case if you wish to learn how to build Authority.


Here’s How the Landing Page Fared:

  • Visitors - 1871

  • Views - 2160

  • Conversions - 162

  • Conversion rate - 8.66%


Landing Page Example #6

An application page for a financial lender


This Landing page example is for Union Home Page Inc.

This landing page guarantees approval within 24 hours and offers cash against property in 7 days.

These are some of the copywriting strategies that we have used on this page to boost the conversion rate:


  • Citing a trusted rating agency like Trustpilot

  • Use of a multi-step opt-in form to increase opt-ins

  • Highlighting the fact that “any credit can qualify”


Here’s How the Landing Page Fared:

  • Visitors - 6976

  • Views - 8800

  • Conversions - 876

  • Conversion rate - 12.56%


The Landing Page Examples That I Shared Today Can Help You Unlock Your Customer’s, Hidden Buying Brain.

Relying on proven frameworks will build in some fail-safes so that you can dramatically improve your chances of notching up strikes on your marketing scoreboard.

At Apexure, we rely on a data-driven approach that has been honed to perfection after working on landing page designs with thousands of clients over the past 7+ years.

We can quickly accelerate your results because we KNOW the things that are working right NOW.

Get in touch for your marketing needs. Contact us today!

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