Creating a landing page form is an essential tool for creating the perfect landing page.

Landing Page Form Basics

Looking to get instant conversions but not considering refining your landing page forms? Well, it doesn’t go hand-in-hand. While creating your landing page, it’s essential to create the perfect landing page design. If your forms have a messy appearance and don’t look convincing to a viewer, then the chances are that your landing page conversions might keep lowering down.

Hence, creating a perfect design for the form is very important. You might wonder what key elements you should remember while completing the landing page. Don’t worry; after years of testing and experimenting, we have identified key points you should keep in mind while creating a landing page form template. Let’s get started!


It’s time to dig deep and identify the structure of the landing page form. This will help us create better design formats for your landing page.

Landing Page Form for Primary Vs. Secondary Conversion

Before you define the design of your paid search landing page form, you must have a detailed knowledge of what kind of conversion you are aiming for, whether it’s primary conversion or secondary conversion.

The chances of getting more information lie with Primary Conversion. This is because a viewer is already persuaded and is at the end stage to buy the service/product. Hence, this is the apt time to share an elongated form with them.

Landing Page Form Best Practices With Examples

Now that you have the theoretical idea of curating the landing page form, it’s time to understand the design perspective of the same.

1. Go Step-by-Step

Instead of asking a consumer to fill out the form at once, share a multi-step form landing page with users. A viewer finds it easy to fill a form if asked one question at a time instead of asking them to fill all of it at once.


Don’t disclose your hero form

Refrain from popping up your form as soon as the viewer comes on the screen. Keep your CTA eye-catching, and let it do the rest of the work.


3. Single Form Layouts

Single form layouts play a significant role while designing landing page form design. It makes your page looks more appealing and spacious. The best part is that it offers users more time to understand and fill it out accordingly.


4. Focus on Informative fields

Instead of asking customers to fill in every detail, try focusing on sharing only relevant information. If you want some of the other info to stay, you can try using drop-down or asking combined questions.


5. What’s the incentive?

No user will be willing to fill out the form if they don’t identify an incentive. This is when a creative copy for the landing page will work well. A creative copy and the form will help persuade the customer to fill out the form.


6. Crystal and Clear Call to Action

Call to Action plays a pertinent role while creating the right kind of form. To create a perfect call-to-action, create it with the right type of colour, text, and font size.


Your Call-to-Action should stand out among other information available on the landing page form.

7. Make it mobile-friendly

Instead of creating the perfect form, ensure that it is clearly visible on the mobile and pops up in the aligned format and with a clear CTA.

Don’t forget to create a responsive landing page and add special mobile features like a Camera, Touch Tap, and Geo-Location.


8. Contrast is the key

Most of us invest our time in focusing on aligning the right colours. However, we tend to ignore the power of using contrasting colours. Contrasting colours can help elevate the landing page’s overall look and make it more accessible for a viewer.


9. Avoid typing

Instead of asking your viewer to type and fill the form, prefer using images, buttons or sliders to make them fill the form. It makes it easier for the viewer can get more entries.


10. Don’t be so hard on Validation

Though validation is essential to stay protected from malicious activities, one shouldn’t be so focused on it that it complicates the viewer’s process.

Refrain from making it too strict, like asking them to fill in a phone number with an exact code. Instead, you can ask them to fill in their country.


11. FOMO makes it work

When everyone is looking at their mobile phones, so they don’t miss out on exciting offers, how can you ignore this opportunity when the viewer comes on your landing page form?

Fear of missing out is a great technique to make users fill out the form instantly. Keep an exciting voucher or goodie as a return thing when they fill out the form. Don’t forget to add that the offer is valid for a limited period.


12. Direction while filling the form

When a viewer fills out the form, let them know how much time is left to complete it. Progress Indicator gives viewers hope that they have complete guidance while filling out the form and also allows them to keep aware of their progress.


13. Introduce Smart Forms

While a viewer fills out the form, she/he might feel lazy repeatedly filling in the essential details. Introduce the option of filling the responses from past data on the form so that they don’t have to fill out basic information like name, mail id, and location again and again.

14. Let the title describe everything

One might miss out on the importance of the title of the form. However, that’s the first thing users see when they visit the landing page form. Ensure that your title is catchy and portrays exactly what a viewer is looking for.


15. Use Info-Boxes to add Potential Questions

Info Boxes are highlighted as “i” in a circular box. If you click on it, you will identify certain relevant information that might be helpful while you fill out the complete form.

These boxes help give a proper direction to the viewer and also make them understand the product/service in a better way.


16. Analytical tools

Creating a landing page is not enough. It is also essential to understand where people are taking more time, why they cannot fill in the complete information etc. With the help of the effective analytics tool, one can better understand what’s working and what’s not.


17. It’s like a Ladder

Consider filling out the form like you’re climbing the ladder. At the initial stage, ensure to ask easy and basic questions from people. Make sure to ask difficult questions later when the viewer can concentrate completely.


18. Make it stand out

When a viewer comes on the page, it is not apparent at first glance at the form. Hence, it’s your responsibility to make it stand out so that it’s visible in the eyes of the viewer. Leave white space around the form to be visible to the viewer.


19. Form Autofill

Auto-filling the form with past details makes it easy for a viewer to fill in the basic information quickly. Details like Name, Phone number, Geo Location, Email id, and address- ensure that a viewer can fill it out soon in the landing page form.


20. Auto-Formatting

Some information like date, phone number, and bank details might need the elements in a specific format. As a viewer, it might be difficult for them to make sure of it every time. However, share the form with auto-formatting precise details to avoid this problem.

21. Credibility

Every viewer might be sceptical about filling out the form as they might doubt whether they have made the right decision.

Hence, add customer testimonials, star ratings or social media presence around the landing page form. This can help build credibility among the viewer that they are getting associated with the right company.


22. Required vs Optional Fields

You might require the viewer to fill in all the details. However, the fact is that you want the viewer to share some details on priority while others might not be that relevant.

Hence, if you want a viewer to fill in specific information on focus, ensure to make it a required box by adding an asterisk alongside. If not required, you can choose not to place the asterisk sign.


23. Radio button or Drop Down- Which one is more relevant?

The more accessible the format, the more entries you receive via the form. As per the study, it has been highlighted that Radio Button makes the form more accessible than the Drop Down. Radio Button lets one fill one option among multiple options, which makes it easy for the viewer.


24. Masked Passwords

To make the viewer feel safe when they come on your page, it’s essential to make them feel protected. While a customer logs in, the chances are that someone else can invade in by looking at the password.

Hence, it’s essential to mask the password of the viewer while logging in. Refrain from doing so when a customer is signing up. At this stage, the customer might expect the process to be hassle-free.

25. Highlight the error messages

Considering human error as one of the significant factors, the chances are that a customer might fill in some information incorrect. It’s important to highlight the same instantly instead of mentioning it either at the top or lower space of the form.

It is recommended to highlight the error as soon as it is done instead of waiting for the customer to look at the top.


26. Share the relevant matching keyboard

While a user fills in the landing page form, they would like the relevant keyboard to appear on the screen. For example, if a person has to fill in the phone number, a customer would expect a dial pad to appear on the screen.


27. Use a slider instead of the number

When you want a customer to fill in the range, ensure to add the slider instead of asking them to specify the number. For example, if you’re going to ask about the expected salary range of the customer, add a slider than numbers.


28. A/B Testing

Creating a perfect landing page form is not a one-day task. Hence, with the help of A/B testing, you will be able to identify in a better way what’s working for you and what’s not.


Build better forms today

At Apexure, we can increase conversions with a high-converting landing page. We built forms from the ground up using form best practices and user testing results. With our partners and dedicated team by your side, crack your conversion goals on time.

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