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It is a UK-based company that is an expert in securing client tax rebates.

It delivers its service exclusively online, with no phone calls involved. It hired Apexure to enhance its lead conversion rate significantly, and to help build its revenue pipeline.

We implemented a bespoke project to understand, review and significantly enhance it’s mission-critical lead generation process, to capture and convert more tax rebate claims online. 

We utilised our extensive experience in applying customer psychology, UX and lead conversion techniques to:

  • Identify where people were leaving the multi-stage registration process
  • Re-design the UX of the registration process to increase the conversion rate from 1% to over 4%
  • Optimise the end-to-end registration process to boost the conversion rate ultimately to over 6%

The result was that the lead conversion rate for the client increased by almost 500% by the end of the project.


The client’s lead generation and lead conversion process centres on the form that their clients complete to start their claims.

The challenge was that the claim form needed background information about the case, not simply someone’s personal details. This could take time, and could put some potential claimants off, which reduced the volume of leads, and the potential revenue, for the client

The client briefed Apexure to significantly improve the conversion rate of leads without compromising lead quality, optimise the impact of its digital campaigns, and maximise its revenue.


We took a systematic approach to understand the customer experience throughout the registration process.

Applying our experience in customer psychology, website design, and data analytics, we systematically explored several areas where enhancements could be made to increase the conversion rate significantly.

We delivered a three-step project plan to deliver the client’s desired results.

Although the agency’s skillset was excellent, their limited resources meant Apexure’s team of conversion-focused UX/UI designers took the lead for this project. The Apexure team designed a new series of conversion-focused landing pages within WordPress and Unbounce, all of which had clear action points and goals. For each design, a secondary design was created for A/B testing, to maximise the potential for the pages.

Step 1: Find Out Where Users Were Dropping Out

At the start of the project, the end-to-end conversion rate was 1.02%. We used GA4 to implement tracking across all the steps in the registration process to find the leakage points. In parallel, we conducted competitor analysis and market research to discover insights that could be applied to the project.  We designed a shorter landing page and carried out A/B testing to compare it to the existing, longer page. The shorter page had a click-through rate almost 10% higher than the longer page, and a higher lead conversion rate of 1.77%, compared with the original 1.02%.


Step 2: Focusing on Boosting the Conversion Rate

With the ideal landing page format identified, we focused on significantly increasing the conversion rate boosting the conversion rate by designing a new claim form with an enhanced UI and UX to make users feel more comfortable going through the process.

We implemented several features: 

  • We broke down the registration page into 4 easy stages to make the process less intimidating
  • We moved the easier questions earlier in the form to ease users into the process
  • We applied several design tweaks to the form to make it easier to input information, such as placing some input fields side-by-side rather than in a column, which was easier to read

"reclaim-mid-one.png" "reclaim-mid4-one.png"

The results were clear. Fewer users dropped out of the registration process, and the conversion rate increased from 1.77% to 4.33%.


Step 3: Optimise the Process End-to-end

With a better process in place, we took the opportunity to optimize it further. The GA4 analytics highlighted that step 1 of the registration process had a 25% completion rate, while steps 2,3 &4 had a rate of around 60%.

We took an innovative approach, using A/B testing, and developed a ‘gateway page’ that, once completed, showed users a ‘Proceed’ button to access the remaining three steps. This gave users a sense of achievement as they went through the process, inspiring them to move forwards to completing it.


  • /images/case-study/cost-up.svg This final change boosted the end-to-end conversion rate from 4.33% to 6.09%.
  • /images/case-study/cost-up.svg An increase of almost 500% from a baseline of 1.02%.

The engagement with Apexure allowed the customer to significantly increase its marketing ROI and revenue growth.



Following the initial review, Apexure got to work setting targets that aligned with the senior leadership team’s goals.

The team created a bespoke landing page for a new, targeted campaign, establishing a range of tracking and analytical tools to monitor its success. Working in collaboration with DOOR3’s marketing team, the Apexure team also developed a new sales funnel, linking the various marketing platforms into a streamlined sales process.”

Morgan Dean

All the work is done to a very high standard.

Thanks to Apexure, the site’s conversion rate has gone up, indicating the project’s success. We reviewed the current landing page and then agreed on some new suggestions for the forms layout and then made some variants of the form and did bi weekly A/B tests. we reviewed the information each week and repeated the process.

The team has completed the deliverables on time. Regular meetings ensure a seamless workflow. Apexure listens well to their clients.

Tools & Systems we used:
  • Unbounce: We built the Landing Pages in Unbounce. Unbounce comes with much more native features than other landing page builders.
  • Form System: The multi-step claim forms were built with Laravel Technology.
  • Google Tag Manager: We created various tags and triggers to track each step Claim form.
  • Google Analytics - Goals/Funnel Tracking: We added steps/events to the funnel for better understanding of user behaviour based on tags.
  • Google Analytics - Dashboard: The dashboard provided an overview for the number & percentage of users that have completed different steps of the funnel, i.e. landing page, multi-step claim form and thank-you page.
  • Process: We presented the Mockups using the InVision app of the new versions of landing pages and claim forms to the client before implementing them. After getting sign-off from the client and taking all the stakeholders on board, new A/B tests were set up in Unbounce to redirect the paid traffic to new versions of the page.
  • Slack: We created a Slack Connect channel and shared that with the client and his PPC team for speedy communication.
  • Length of the experiment: Each experiment was run for around one month.
Conversioneers Team
  • Team Lead: Waseem Bashir
  • Project  Manager: Afriyaz Maqbool
  • Designer:  Farzana Amin
  • Developer: Tabish Mir
  • GTM & GA4 Expert: Samriti Chandel

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