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Partnering with Affordable Health Coverage Today

To create a conversion focused landing page

Affordable Health Coverage Today
A US-based affordable health Insurance provider
Company Size
5+ Professionals

Affordable Health Coverage Today, a US-based health Insurance provider, needed help designing a high-converting landing page.


The main challenge was to capture the address fields, which included zip, state and city.

  • Affordable Health Coverage Today was looking for a way to show the visitors’ location dynamically, allowing visitors to fill out the form quicker than usual.

  • They wanted the form fields Zip, State and City to be auto-filled based on the visitor’s location.

  • Client also wanted us to integrate the landing page into their lead portal CRM solution.

We took a systematic approach to address the client’s objective

  1. The location of the user is auto-updated with the help of the plugin GeoTargetingWP. The plugin provides various features and shortcodes to do different tasks. The plugin was also used to get the visitor’s Zipcode. Then, once the zipcode was obtained, it was added as prefill to the form input field via jQuery.


  2. For pre-filling the State & City input fields, we used an API http://ziptasticapi.com. On passing the zip code,we got a response which we then used to prefill the form fields using the Jquery code snippet.


  3. The CRM integration was a challenge as we had limited documentation. Zapier doesn’t have native integration with LeadPortal. We built a custom webhook in it to catch the form fields from the landing page and finally passed them onto the CRM.


We built a custom landing page with unique features to drive more conversions. The landing page converted at around 20%.

Dan Helinski Marketing Head
Premier Health Associates,

Apexure is truly a master of their craft. We needed someone who would create us a landing page without using a third party builder. Apexure was able to handle it and exceeded every task I gave them no matter how big or small. There was a lot of little details that we wanted to add into our page that Apexure was able to implement with no problems. I would suggest Apexure to anyone needing any type of web design/development. Thank you again!

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