What is a landing page funnel?

A landing page funnel is constructed of many web pages that direct (or funnel) visitors towards an ultimate buying decision. A landing page funnel has multiple calls to action (CTAs) for different purposes compared to a landing page or a single web page with a single CTA.

In essence, each page in the funnel is an opportunity to sell additional products or services.

The goal of a landing page funnel

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Landing page funnels are useful as they help create optimized landing pages that welcome first-time site visitors. They convert visitors into recurring consumers by educating them about a product or service.

It is beneficial to have a conversion strategy for all funnel levels to help get the most out of leads in each stage of the purchasing journey.

Here, measuring and testing the success of a strategy lets you know what works and what needs improvement.

How do businesses benefit from landing page sales funnels?

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If you are looking to create a profitable funnel, it helps to know the benefits of a landing page funnel. As mentioned, these funnels help build recognition for a company, service, or product.

In addition, they improve customer interest in the product, encouraging them to perform the desired action. Furthermore, the process is repeatable and leads to the highest number of conversions possible.

Different stages of a landing page sales funnel

There are different strategies for each stage of the funnel. Here is a brief overview.

Top-of-funnel landing pages

The top of the funnel is an exploratory point where customers get to know the brand. leads may be unaware of the business or product, so the primary goal of the top of the landing page sales funnel is to improve brand awareness.

This is not where sales are made. The top ensures leads are aware that you have something that could benefit them.

In the following sections, we will get to each ‘place’ in the brand-awareness pyramid, their unique tactics for marketing, and relevant examples for a better understanding.

Top-of-funnel essentials

1. Infographics:

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A good infographic is one of the easiest ways to capture attention, generate backlinks and grab some easy social shares. One good example is that ‘65% of B2B marketers use infographics for their content marketing’.

2. Educate users:

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At the top of the landing page funnel, you should answer users’ questions and help them define their needs.

3. Blogs and articles:

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A blog is like a showroom. It is where visitors come to learn about you, preview what you have to offer, and decide whether or not to engage with you further.

4. YouTube videos:

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Videos are a great way of communicating a lot of information in a short time and make for excellent landing page sales funnel tools.

5. Create a sense of value:

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It becomes much easier to capture a consumer’s email leads and relevant information if you offer a free service or product in exchange.

Top-of-funnel examples:

1. Apexure:

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Apexure’s landing page funnel strategy involves educating users from the start. This helps customers think of you as a leader and feel more informed. Examples include: what, when, why, and how-to articles/blogs or FAQs.

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Creating a sense of value is crucial to generating leads. Apexure has achieved this by offering something of value for free, such as an email course with content ideas and comparison sheets.

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Apexure effectively captures the attention of the consumer by including stats that are relevant to their industry.

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See how Apexure’s blog section taps into its invaluable lead generation capacity. Instead of using it as a repository, it engages a captive audience that is interested in what they have to say.

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Tech giant Cisco Systems believes that videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022, so including a few in your landing page funnel is likely to catch your consumer’s attention.

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Pro tip:

Make sure the information at the very top of the landing page sales funnel has nothing to do with items or services, and everything to do with buyers’ interests and requirements.

Mid-funnel landing pages

Your primary focus at the middle of the landing page funnel should be to strengthen the rapport with your customers so they proceed to a final decision.

It is vital to capture leads at this point in the funnel as this is when visitors are considering whether they should engage with you or look elsewhere. Achieve this task by utilizing data and customized content.

Mid-funnel landing page essentials

1. Tiny forms:

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The main goal of a top-of-funnel landing page is to collect your prospect’s email address and start the lead nurturing process. If you want to ask for a name, do so, but don’t ask too many questions.

2. Abundant offers:

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Your ask should always be less than or equal to your offer when it comes to generating leads.

3. Present expert tips:

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Offering an ‘ultimate’ guide or a few pro tips will give your new paying customer a reason to hand over their email address.

4. No weird opt-outs:

Don’t be too quirky with your opt-out links. “No thanks, I don’t want to be ahead of the curve.” is a good example of a squeeze page creator trying too hard.

Pro tip:

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At this stage, we suggest you run A/B tests to improve the text, user experience, images, and CTAs. Test one feature at a time to identify which parts drove increases or decreases in funnel conversion rates.

Mid-funnel landing page examples by Apexure

1. Ivory & Ash

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The beauty of Ivory & Ash’s landing page sales funnel is its clean design to procure an email address and start the lead nurture process.

A short, straightforward form makes the landing page sales funnel highly attractive, efficient, and helpful to the brand.

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Using a noticeable sticky top bar at the top of the screen is another clever trick. It scrolls with the page and remains in sight, leading to more attention and more conversions.

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Ivory & Ash’s placement of FAQs serves to help prospects learn more about the brand efficiently.

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This landing page funnel has made innovative use of visitors’ tendency to reveal their personal information in return for a guaranteed discount offer.

2. Recreate and Renew:

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The landing page sales funnel design example from Recreate and Renew offers an attractive lead magnet. Its landing page funnel strategy involves clearly showcasing the offer on their ad landing page. Note how it presents a single email field high up on the page.

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The page does an excellent job of providing examples of what downloadable resources offer. Finally, it focuses on getting the visitor to provide an email address to download the collection provided.

Bottom-of-funnel landing pages

As you come to the final decision-making stage in your landing page funnel, use a blend of the hard and soft selling strategies you’ve used at the top and middle of the funnel. Reminders, retargeting, and incentive offers are the most effective tactics here.

At times, it can be an emotional stage for the buyer. As a result, your messages and sales methods must be emotionally charged and tailored to specific demands.

Bottom-of-funnel landing page essentials

1. Include a case study:

Adding a detailed case study to your landing page funnel strategy helps move mid-funnel leads to the next stage. It improves your company’s authority and provides a clear example of success for mid-funnel leads.

2. Present products with infographics, bullet points, and bite-sized copy:

Since the mid-funnel landing page comes before any significant request, it needs to be very descriptive – which means your post-click landing page will need a lot of information. Include page components that communicate a lot with a little, such as infographics, bullet points, and bite-sized copy to make it as easy as possible for mid-funnel leads to get their questions answered.

3. Create a strong lead generation form:

By using a lead generation form, you can capture data like name, contact number, or email address.

4. Make use of strong lead magnets:

Anything that captures an email address and is advantageous to your landing page funnel conversion rate automatically becomes a lead magnet. It can range from email courses, e-books, case studies and checklists to reports, whitepapers, and free trials.

5. Create competitor comparisons:

Creating competitor comparisons can be an excellent way to bring your unique value proposition into the spotlight and show that your solution best fits the needs of the client.

6. Find strong social proof:

If you include social proof on landing pages such as testimonials with names, images, and professional titles, persuading consumers to make a purchase decision will be much easier. You will need logos from well-known companies with which you’ve collaborated, as well as counters to show that you have a considerable following. The more positive feedback you can show from existing and past consumers, the more likely you will gain new ones.

7. Make use of trust badges:

Security and trust badges connect your company to other companies that protect customers from fraud and theft. As a result, your company’s trustworthiness improves, and your consumers’ concerns are alleviated.

8. Clear pricing plans are a huge benefit:

Visualize various product features and the price that customers are ready to pay for them. Great pricing pages are identifiable by their unique ability to show different plans for different types of customers, budgets, and so on.

It helps to include an explanation of every pricing package and its offers. You may use a simple graphic or illustration to aid users in making a purchasing decision with less friction.

Pro tip:

Consider optimizing your pricing section at the bottom of the funnel landing page to increase your funnel conversion rate. Spend time on the presentation of pricing, ease of purchase, and page layout. We suggest you keep testing and improving the page for the most sales success.

Bottom-of-funnel landing page examples

1. AHR Private Wealth:

AHR Private Wealth has a robust landing page sales funnel, designed with several best practices. They begin with an offer that is simply a free guide.

By getting rid of the navigation menu and any unnecessary links, the page removes distractions for the consumers, allowing for a higher conversion rate.

The landing page funnel remains action-oriented throughout this process. Their use of a robust and action-oriented headline successfully delivers a clear value proposition.

landing page Funnel guide 24.webp

It is worth noting that AHR’s use of a simple form at the top of the page with actionable language makes for an effortless experience for the customer.

Look at how the AHR page covers descriptive content in bullet points. This small step makes sure that the landing page sales funnel includes everything visitors need to know in order to help them decide and convert.

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Trust badges have been included at the very bottom of the AHR landing page. Not only do they increase brand trustworthiness, but they also provide a sense of comfort to the customer regarding their purchase decisions.

landing page Funnel guide 26.webp

2. One Click Cars:

landing page Funnel guide 27.webp

The One-Click Cars landing page includes a competitor comparison section. This helps demonstrate how the product outperforms its market competitors. There is nothing like a competitor comparison section to help establish a company while providing precise direction to the target audience.

landing page Funnel guide 28.webp

One-Click Car’s landing page demonstrates security and trustworthiness by offering a money-back guarantee with 100% security. Applying this strategy will increase convertibility rates.

landing page Funnel guide 29.webp

One-Click Car’s use of a lead capture form helps collect crucial email and other data from visitors and potential customers.

landing page Funnel guide 30.webp

One of the standout elements of this landing page sales funnel is its strategic use of social proof. Providing honest reviews of existing customers has allowed new customers to build a trustworthy relationship with them.

How can Apexure help?

Creating a successful SFLP takes a lot of effort and monitoring to be built accurately. At Apexure, our landing page specialists focus on creating landing page designs that capture attention and find ways of driving and converting traffic to increase your revenue.


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