No matter what sector you’re in, you need at least one ad landing page lead generation campaign. The lead generation landing pages do all the hard work of catching the attention of your audience and persuading them to sign up for your campaign. All in all, from just one page, that’s a lot to ask for.

Lead generation landing pages are, sadly, quick to set up but difficult to perfect. And there’s nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into making a perfect landing page design - or what you think is perfect - only to see a crazy high bounce rate. It can be absolutely demoralising to see your hard-earned traffic exit the website without converting. Landing-Page-Lead-Generation

It takes some finesse to create an efficient lead generation landing page. There’s a fine line between supplying enough info to tantalise leads, and absolutely overwhelming them. To successfully turn your visitors into leads, each feature on your page needs to work together flawlessly.

Let’s discuss a few basics of landing page lead generation before we get into all that.

Landing Page Lead Generation Basics

What is a Lead?


A lead can be defined as any person or company who has, in some way, indicated an interest in a company’s product or service.

Unlike a cold call, leads usually hear from a company after opening communication by submitting their personal details for an offer, trial, or subscription, , or through other marketing campaigns.

What are Qualified Leads?


Unfortunately, 79% of marketing leads never turn into sales.

Before being considered as a “sales qualified” lead, there are three stages that all potential leads must be funneled through. A sufficient supply of quality leads must be produced to increase the chances of leads being potential, paying customers and increasing the customer base. One of the fundamental essentials leading to business development is access to quality leads.

Different Types of Leads in Business

Leads are part of the larger life cycle followed by customers as they switch from visitor to customer. Not all of the leads have the same value, nor are they qualified the same. Based on how they have qualified and what lifecycle stage they are in, there are a few different types of leads.


1. Information Qualified Lead (IQL)

A lead who offers their contact information in exchange for useful information can be classified as an Information Qualified Lead. This prospect is at the beginning of their analysis phase and typically does not know your business or the solutions you have.

When an IQL has made contact with you, your marketing automation tool will direct them to a thank you page that that holds a link to download the offer and then they will receive a follow-up email with the same download link. As the days go by, the lead will obtain more information relevant to the material that was originally downloaded.

These leads are cold leads and have a very low priority when it comes to follow-up. The marketing team will offer the lead the ability to learn more about your business and how it can help solve their problems.

Many IQLs will not move to the next stage as soon as they get their initial information.

2. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

If the marketing team succeeds in raising the IQL’s interest in solving their issue, and they continue to download company product details, then congratulations - you have a marketing qualified lead, also known as a warm lead.

You can either continue marketing to this lead by providing more detail about your business, or you can direct the MQL to the decision-making stage by offering free trials, demonstrations, free consultations, estimates/quotes or coupons.

3. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Sales Qualified Leads are also called hot leads, since the quicker the sales team follows the lead, the higher the closing rate. The salesperson should have a discussion with the lead. This allows them to decide if the lead could become an actual opportunity, even if it is not an imminent one.

Content can help the sales team close the deal, showcase your organisational strengths, and make the most of those strengths to solve their problems.

What is Lead Generation?


Lead generation is the process of attracting and turning strangers and prospects into someone who has shown interest in the product or service of your business. Examples of lead generators include work applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and web content.

Why Do You Need A Landing Page For Lead Generation?

You have done a fantastic job developing your brand and designing a website that reflects it. Now you’ve got to make sure that all that hard work turns into sales. If you’re looking for an efficient lead conversion tool, landing pages are certainly the best way to go.

A landing page lead generation process is a great way to drive traffic, boost your SEO and create your own brand. It can also be part of a successful PPC strategy. Approximately 68% of B2B companies use landing pages to create leads for potential conversion.


Luckily for you, 44% of these clicks are directed to home pages, which, as we’re going to address, is not a good plan. Landing pages direct clients to a particular product, service or deal and inspire them to take action. This is your chance to generate conversions and develop your customer base.

If landing pages are so critical, why doesn’t every business use them? Well, there’s a myth that it’s hard to build and sustain. Luckily, that’s just not true.

Landing Page Lead Generation Process

Now that we understand how lead generation fits into the inbound marketing approach let’s go through the landing page lead generation process.

  • First, a visitor can discover your company through one of your marketing platforms, such as your website, blog or social media page.

  • This visitor then clicks on your call-to-action (CTA)—a picture, button, or message that invites potential customers to take some kind of action.

  • The CTA takes the visitor to the landing page, which is a web page designed to collect lead information in return for an offer.

Note: The offer is content or anything of value that is “offered” on the landing page, such as an ebook, a course, or a template. The offer must have enough perceived value for the visitor to provide you with their personal information in return for access to it.

  • When on the landing page, the visitor can fill out a form in return for an offer. This means you’ll have a new lead.

  • To sum it up: Visitor clicks a CTA that will take them to the landing page, where they will fill out a form to get a bid, at which point they will become a leader.

Tips for Landing Page Lead Generation


1. Pay attention to your design

In general, you need to make sure that your layout is straightforward and understandable to all. Landing page content, be it the visuals or the copy, needs to be aligned precisely to your goals and the target audience’s needs.

To build a successful design:

  • Start with the landing page format and wireframe.

  • Harmonise the colours of your theme

  • Clearly distinguish between the “titles” of your paragraphs

  • Play with shapes and symmetry

  • Remember to let your text breathe to make it easier to read.

  • Use an apt amount of white space for a clean design

If you are offering a variety of different deals, one tip is to highlight one in relation to the other: concentrate your leads on a single offer.

2. Work on your calls to action

The call to action is one of the things you need to pay attention to when you’re working on your landing page. As a reminder, a call-to-action button is an aspect of your landing page lead generation that is intended to cause an action. You can use various categories of landing pages for building mailing lists, selling products directly, or asking users for a free SaaS trial, keeping the CTA aligned with the desired action.

There are many potential actions; below are some of the most common ones:

  • Subscribe to your newsletter (email)

  • Registration form (personal details)

  • Free trials (personal and bank details)

  • Buying a product/service

  • The reservation of a facility

  • Ask for a callback/contact

3. Look after your forms

When it comes to landing pages to generate leads, the form is the final step: the quality of this aspect will decide if the visitors will be able to leave their personal details.

The instructions for developing a form on a lead generation landing page that converts are very close to a successful call to action:

  • Make the form stand out from the rest of your website

  • Use colours that are appealing

  • Propose a simple and interesting offer

  • Only keep the necessary form fields

4. Add testimonials from (real) customers

Customer testimonials for your landing page lead generation act as social proof: the more you share, the more you reassure your page users. The human brain is searching for identifiable forms, common names, and similarities: make it happy!

5. Highlight your offer’s benefits

Customer testimonials act as social proof: the more you share, the more you reassure your page users. The human brain is searching for identifiable forms, common names, and similarities: make it happy!

Best Landing Page Lead Generation Examples

Let’s check out different types of landing page examples built by leading brands and how they are utilizing them to optimize their marketing.

1. ckbk


ckbk is a digital cookbook service that brings the best recipes in the world online, making classic and contemporary cookbook content accessible to members in one convenient location. As a subscription-based company, landing page lead generation is essential to ckbk’s marketing in order to expand their email lists and drive further sign-ups.

Here, they’ve done something a bit different from the usual lead generation approach by promoting registrations with an extended free trial voucher. Not only does this landing page act as a portal for visitors to access the code they have been given, forwarded or accessed online, it also acts as an additional advertisement for all the content and services they provide.

What makes this lead generation landing page so compelling: a showcase of benefits through messaging, video, testimonial, and imagery. Just below a warm and welcoming hero image (anybody else looking for some fresh-baked bread right now?) showing a real-life recipe on a mobile device is a rundown of membership value along with a brief promotional video. When you scroll down, the features and benefits of signing up are visible.

Such as a range of recipes, skill-level filters, dietary criteria, the ability to make your own collections, and many more. This landing page is specifically designed to showcase all the products they will gain and answer any questions or doubt they may have before signing up.

They also clearly know how important building trust is, particularly based on the level of information you might be asking visitors to share. Endorsements from award-winning chefs and travel writers, news releases from recognisable magazines, and a reminder that membership can be cancelled at any time—including during the extended free trial—all help to reassure tourists that they are in good hands.

2. National Sewing Circle


The people at the National Sewing Circle (and their marketing firm, TN Marketing) are experienced pros with successful lead generation.

Don’t let the seemingly innocuous little carrot fool you—this page has a serious conversion impact - 88% of over 3,400 visitors. Catering to a vibrant and active group of sewing enthusiasts, they have chosen to deliver a cute, fun and widely-applicable pattern with an extremely low entry barrier.

National Sewing Circle knows the balance between sharing and taking, only asking for an email address on their contact form with a CTA “unlock your download”. From there, they can feed those leads via email marketing and show how much value they can bring beyond this modest and hard-working carrot.

3. Purply


The next landing page example is from Purply. It is a SaaS company that makes affiliate marketing more manageable. They have come up with a landing page to generate leads for their free trial offer.

Unlike other lead generation landing page designs, the ones made for SaaS are different. Most SaaS products come with a lot of features and use cases. Brands must focus on the USPs of their software products when building a lead gen landing page for better user experience.

The heading “Affiliate Management on Autopilot” on Purply’s landing page clarifies which industry the SaaS targets. It is followed by a subheading and bullet points that highlight the value propositions of the SaaS. Everything is backed up with quantified social proof present at different folds of the page. Through a diagrammatic illustration, Purply makes it easier for visitors to understand how the SaaS works.

Another strong element in the SaaS lead generation landing page design is the FAQ section at the end that answers some specific user questions. All such elements on a SaaS landing page push for higher brand credibility and conversion rate.

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4. DOOR3

DOOR3 is a technology consultancy and software development firm focusing on various ways it can modernise enterprises. As they provide various services revolving around tech and software, putting them all on a single landing page would have been overwhelming.

To simplify, they have made multiple dedicated lead generating landing pages for all the different services they provide. Let’s discuss one of them.


The lead gen landing page uses a compelling hero image that helps prospects visualise what the dashboard development services offer. As the above lead generation landing page example focuses on B2B services, the social proof leverages Clutch reviews, company logos, and awards. At the top, we can see a click-to-call button, making it easier for visitors to reach out to the company directly.

What makes DOOR3’s lead generation landing page form stand out is the “What happens next?” info icon right after the CTA. The icon highlights what the company will do once they receive their query and who they might get contacted by. This is a great way to showcase transparency and win prospects’ trust.

To finish it all off, the lead gen landing page also offers a case study at the bottom fold, to remove any last doubts and secure better conversions.

5. GenBoost


GenBoost’s product lead generation landing page looks highly attractive as it utilises design and copy in a balanced manner. Prospects are welcomed into the lead gen landing page with a refreshing product image, complemented by the direct heading. As the brand targets the B2C market, it is crucial to maintain transparency at all levels. GenBoost’s lead generation landing page reduces conversion friction by addressing the ingredients used and a video supporting their product.

The sticky bar at the top highlighting the latest offers and USP of the product, along with a CTA button, makes it easier for the visitors to convert at any fold landing page.

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