Marketing automation can be very daunting, and finding the right tool is paramount. Without the backing of robust technology - automation is impossible. ActiveCampaign has made a stand as a great marketing automation contender - even against the industry giant, HubSpot.

ActiveCampaign’s philosophy revolves around deepening the customer relationship at every touchpoint. They do this by focusing on email marketing, customer relationship management, and closing deals.


Does ActiveCampaign Have Landing Pages?

Yes. ActiveCampaign landing pages are now offered in their plus subscription option. This is a step closer to becoming a complete one-size-fits-all tool. So, we’re now going to weigh the pros and cons of ActiveCampaign landing pages - to help you assess whether ActiveCampaign landing pages meet your needs.

Why Use ActiveCampaign Landing Pages?

To answer this question, we need to look at the key features of the ActiveCampaign system because, if you aren’t interested in the automation management features, you won’t want to use their landing pages either.

Among their numerous awards, ActiveCampaign was ranked the number 2 marketing automation platform by G2 and the best email marketing platform by TrustRadius. So, here are some highlights we enjoy:

The Contact Management System

ActiveCampaign allows you to build a master contact list across all your campaigns and use tags to separate the lists into segments. Your master list then allows you to see where individuals have overlapping interests. Additionally, you can add qualifying information to each contact - e.g. social media profiles and previous behaviours.

After segmentation, you’re then able to sort through your contact lists - with an unlimited number of custom fields. This contact-based information streamlines lead qualification and prevents being double-charged for the same contact.


Email Automation

Users can send an unlimited number of emails every month. Unlike with some platforms, large campaigns with lots of emails won’t increase your pricing. Moreover, with ActiveCampaign, you can also make an unlimited number of forms.

The marriage of unlimited emails and forms gives you the freedom to optimise your email B2C and B2B marketing endeavours without worrying that you’ll need to pay extra.

Cross-Platform Integration

ActiveCampaign has excellent integration with other platforms, including:

  • WordPress, so you can publish directly to your website.

  • Major eCommerce platforms - Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Square.

  • External landing page builders - Unbounce, Instapage etc.

  • Google Analytics to track important metrics.

You can monitor your different campaigns through the ActiveCampaign mobile app - whether it’s email performance or updating your launch calendar, the mobile app lets you do it on the go.

Some Downsides to Using ActiveCampaign


There’s no denying that ActiveCampaign is a great tool. Just by looking at their immense popularity, you can see that they’re doing something right. Nevermind the extra $100 million of round B funding they raised at the beginning of 2020. Alas, as with all companies - there’s some room for improvement.

  • ActiveCampaign doesn’t have built-in social media tools, so you can’t post from the platform directly. On the other hand, ActiveCampaign integrates very well with Facebook Lead Ads.

  • The ActiveCampaign editor is not a WYSIWYG HTML editor, so you may have some difficulty getting your exact landing page design inspiration. This is not major as playing around with some editor blocks will circumvent this issue.

  • It’s difficult to send emails to individual clients, using the ActiveCampaign platform. So, you might need to swap back to your normal email platform when interacting with individual clients.

  • ActiveCampaign doesn’t allow for direct payment, so you have to use third-party platforms.

  • In order to integrate with some platforms, you need a Zapier subscription.

Features of ActiveCampaign Landing Pages


Building Your Landing Page

Some highlight features:

  • We like that the landing page builder offers fully customised landing page templates.

  • The landing page builder has a user-friendly drag-drop designer, meaning that a novice with no coding knowledge can design their own ActiveCampaign landing pages.

  • The ease of use translates to a quick design and launch process for your ActiveCampaign landing pages.

Managing Your ActiveCampaign Landing Pages

By itself, a landing page builder doesn’t give you much to write home about. There are plenty of options out there. What makes the builder for landing page ActiveCampaign special, is its integration with the rest of the ActiveCampaign suite. We’ve selected what we feel are the most important features of ActiveCampaign landing pages.

1. Capturing Leads: When we think about lead generation, an image of cold calling comes to mind. One lone sales agent flipping through numbers in a phone book, trying to sell vacuums or encyclopedias. Well, the ’90s have come and gone, and so has this horrific method of lead generation.

By using automated forms, and chatbots, your different landing pages in ActiveCampaign can capture and qualify leads. In fact, lead generation is what ActiveCampaign landing pages are most suited for. All your sales team has to do is follow up with the warmed-up leads.

2. Improving Conversions: ActiveCampaign has sophisticated personalisation features. This allows you to direct traffic to your ActiveCampaign landing pages based on their previous web behaviours. Monetate showed that the more personalised pages a customer sees, the higher their conversion rates.

3. How to Integrated Landing Pages with Automated Emails: Marry the email automation services and your landing pages. You can do this by embedding links to different landing page campaigns within your emails that are being sent to your existing client bases.

At this point, your master contact list becomes very important. Using the data you have on your clients, and your segmented lists, you can select which clients to redirect to one of your ActiveCampaign landing pages.

As well as directing your converted clients to a thank you page, you can send an automated thank-you email. This increases the interaction time with each client. The importance of building a rapport with your clients can’t be overstated. It’s hard to believe something as small as a courtesy email can inspire customer loyalty.

Tips For Designing Your ActiveCampaign Landing Pages


As with all landing pages, ActiveCampaign landing pages require effort and attention to detail, in order to boost conversion. Here’s some design advice to keep in mind:

1) Only Have One CTA

You want your landing pages to be free from distraction. Once the user is directed to your page, your CTA should be the only thing on their mind. So, if you have several CTAs, the user’s attention is split between them. This split attention drastically decreases the conversion rates for all of your CTAs. Always follow the rule - one action, one page.

Suggested Read: 15 Landing Page Call to Action Button Tips That Convert

2) Don’t Overburden Your Visitor

When it comes to your ActiveCampaign landing pages, too much writing can be a costly mistake. If your visitor lands on a page with dense, hard to read text, they are likely to bounce. They bounce because it’s too much effort to sift through the text.

Instead of overwhelming chunks of text break, information up into easily scannable portions. For your ActiveCampaign landing pages, you can use images and videos to decrease the text needed.

3) Don’t Make Your Forms Too Complex

The modern internet user guards their time and privacy. Asking for unnecessary information - particularly cell phone numbers causes a huge spike in bounce rates. Using multi-step forms is a great way to get the information you need without overwhelming your client.

At each step of the multi-step form, your visitor makes a micro commitment instead of the full commitment of filling in a long form. They’re less likely to get spooked and more likely to convert.

4) Personalisation

Dynamic keyword insertion and smart image placement are two of the most popular personalisation techniques for ActiveCampaign landing pages. The strategy of showing the customer what they want based on their previous behaviours has a profound positive effect on landing page conversions.

5) Keep Your Messaging Consistent

It’s very important ActiveCampaign landing pages answer the promise in the directing ad or email. If you get an email about a webinar course and are directed to a landing page about digital marketing strategies, then you’re more likely to bounce.

Because customers have an idea of your offer based on your ad, if they don’t see what they expected to see, they will bounce. The user may think they’ve been directed to the wrong page, and even worse they might think your brand doesn’t deliver on promises.


6) Tell The Same Story Throughout

This is related to the previous point. Instead of the relationship between your ActiveCampaign landing pages and the ad, we are talking about the page content itself.

Your CTA and your headline need to advertise the same thing. A page entitled “Free Webinar Courses’’ with a CTA button that says “Get Your Free Ebook” is not going to inspire confidence.

As we’ve said before, ActiveCampaign landing pages are focused on conversion. If you include external links to your website or social media pages, you risk the customer following those links before conversion. So, it’s better to direct converted customers to a thank you page; this can have links to your other web platforms so you can continue engaging.

Leverage all the marketing automation tools for your ActiveCampaign landing pages. You can use the ActiveCampaign email automation functions to send thank you emails. Additionally, you can also remind customers that there are still items in their cart or tell them about different campaigns.

9) Trust and Social Proofs

Although you don’t want to include links, you want to let your customer know that you are who you say you are. This could be something as simple as a Facebook follower counter, awards you’ve won, or testimonials

Learn more: Ways To Increase Landing Page Social Proof For More Conversions

Grow Your Business With ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign landing pages help you to free up your team, so they have time to focus on customer acquisition and retention. With ActiveCampaign landing pages, you can automate customer interactions.

Seamlessly moving them down the sales funnel. Because of their competitive pricing and relative ease-of-use, ActiveCampaign is ideal for start-up businesses but robust enough to handle clients at the enterprise level. Contact us today!


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