As marketing best practice continues to be digitized, it is vital that you familiarize yourself with all the technological tools that you, as a marketer, have at your disposal. The marketplace has largely shifted to online platforms, meaning you have to tackle the consumer in an online setting.

Of all the technological techniques available, the power of personalization should not be underestimated. Personalized content and personalized landing pages have been shown to increase conversions substantially.


Landing page optimization is no longer marketing best practice; it has become marketing basic practice.

If you are using landing pages, which you probably are, you want them to be as effective as possible. Not only does your landing page need to compel your potential customer to take action, but it must also connect with your customer; speak to them. In fact, we generally find that the more personalized landing pages connect with consumers, the more likely they are to convert.

This is because no matter how well a static landing page is crafted, personalizing landing pages offer a far more compelling experience. But how does one go about creating personalized landing pages? Does it involve a lot more work? Landing pages are personalized by looking at the data that you already have at your disposal. It’s all about using that data to your advantage for optimum results.

Landing page customization is generally build on information like geo-location, past consumer behaviour, and relevant demographics. But the reality is, there is a lot more information that can be used to personalize your marketing.

You just have to understand how the data works.

What are Personalized Landing Pages?


The concept of personalization is simple. It is all about adding personal elements to your marketing and humanizing your brand.

This can be as simple as addressing existing clients by name in your newsletter correspondence, or including geo-specific information on your web pages. There is no exact recipe for creating customized personal landing pages. Every business needs to connect to its consumers appropriately.

But basically, personalized landing pages are landing pages that include information that is personal to the landing page visitor.

Steps to Creating Personalized Landing Pages

Before we get stuck into the finer details, here is a brief overview of the process involved in creating personalized landing pages.


The consumer visiting your landing page may not be ready to make a purchase, but it is important to remember that that may not be your landing page’s purpose. Perhaps you are using the landing page to get people to sign up to a newsletter or to try out a free trial. So when you’re creating personalized landing pages, you have to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in mind.

You will need a very good picture of your various buyer personas. This means you must accumulate data on their relevant demographics and their online behaviour. You also need to determine their level of intent to buy and interest level. The further they are in the sales funnel, the more information you should be able to gather about the lead.

Once you have confidently identified what you want to accomplish and have familiarized yourself with your target audience, you can begin to personalize the content. You can create several personalized landing pages, each directed at a different buyer persona. You can create still more dynamic landing pages based on PPC ads, dynamic text replacement to match up with specific keyword searches, and geographic locations.

Once you have created your dynamic content variations, you should then run some A/B tests to establish which customized landing pages are most effective. By putting your best foot forward, you will ensure that you have a steady flow of conversions to work with.

At this point, creating personalized landing pages sounds like a long, arduous task. But with the right tools and the right people for the job, it’s much simpler than you think.

Define The Goal of Your Landing Page


In the digital marketing space, a landing page is much more than just a home page or a page one lands on, which is how they’re thought of by some.

A landing page is a campaign-specific page that has a single focus, expressed as a CTA, or Call-To-Action. In other words, when you create a landing page, you are trying to get consumers to perform a certain task. This task contributes to the success of your campaign. This task is the tool with which you’re going to increase conversions.

So, when you are creating personalized landing pages for a marketing campaign, this is your starting point.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Your consumer is typically being brought to your landing page via a link they’ve clicked on on their social, an email or somewhere similar. Which means a piece of your content has already caught their attention. The landing page is where you seal the deal. Examples include e-commerce stores, sign-up forms, free trials, special offers and more.

Identify your Target Audiences


The more you know about your target audiences, the easier it will be to engage with them. You need to be able to identify what they need and when they will need it. You can then create a marketing campaign that suits them. This is the essence of personalization. So you need to get into their heads’.

What To Base Your Personalization On

Once you have established what you’re trying to accomplish, you have to identify how your landing page can be personalized appropriately. Think logically about what data you have access to. You can collect data by using Google Analytics. With sufficient data, you will be able to personalize content based on user online behaviour, as well as geo-localize your content.


This allows you to reference your visitor’s location. This can simply contribute to the consumer’s experience, or your personalized landing pages can direct your visitors to the nearest outlet.

Page Content

You can track a user’s time spent on your various web pages. You can gauge their interest in certain topics and items and use that information to personalize marketing material sent to them in the future. If you have any particular content that seems very popular with a large number of your users, you can base more content around that topic to drive up your engagement.


Referring Websites and Dynamic Text Replacement

You can tailor your personalized landing pages according to the webpage your visitor came from. You can have a variety of websites with different offers funnelling traffic to your various landing pages. This will mean that your content will be tailored to match their needs and interests.

A restaurant, for example, may run a half-price pizza special. It would appeal to students who want a cheap meal for one, or large families, who need good value for money. The student and family will see different marketing material based on the site they’re on, and the copy and images used would be different. The student’s ad might say ‘half-price’ while the family’s ad might say ‘2 for 1’.

Each search will fetch results for the same restaurant. But the landing pages will vary to ensure that they appeal to their respective users.

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If you are running pay-per-click ads, it is essential that you link them to personalized landing pages. You should optimize the landing page to the specific sales hook that caught the consumer’s eye. The strategy can also offer you a way to monitor which ads are performing well.

Previous Actions on Your Site

A quick “Welcome back, Georgia!” is a great way to engage a consumer. Be sure to track what people are doing on your site.

What to Personalize

Building on the previous section, apart from using google analytics, another great way to footprint user behaviour is by constructing a membership registration on your site. Think out your Netflix account. Netflix is able to recommend TV shows and movies based on the content you have already engaged with. The same is true for Amazon. Once you log onto Amazon, products are recommended to you based on previous searches and purchases.



Aside from customizing your content to reflect your users’ names and locations, you can also use images and copy that your users will find appealing. You can even tailor your offers to appeal to a certain buyer persona. Remember not to get carried away and create a content-heavy page. Stick to keeping your landing page content concise, while emphasizing the value for users.

What Next

After a user has performed the CTA, i.e. signed up for the trial or subscribed to the mailing list, they will probably leave your site. However, if you create secondary personalized landing pages suggesting what else they might be interested in, you can perhaps entice them to stay. Instead of a simple thank you pop up, you can offer the consumer more content that will be valuable to them.


Be sure to craft offers that will appeal to your different buyer personas and ensure that your personalized landing pages carry that through. If a customer is directed to one of your landing pages from a PPC ad, be sure to personalize the landing page with other offers that they will also find interesting. This will maximize their value, and increase the chances of them buying their next product from you too.

Landing Page Customization Examples

Here are two companies that personalized their landing pages and saw fantastic results.

Hertz Increases Conversion With Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

Hertz, the car rental industry giant, used personalized landing pages based on the user’s country of origin.

The image below is taken from the Singapore subdomain. Instead of using generic photos, they’ve used photos that reflect the country’s culture and demographic.



Doggyloot Uses User-Generated Data to Increase Conversions

The flash sale site for dog owners, DoggyLoot, drove their conversion rate through the roof with personalized landing pages.

They collected data on their users and focused on market segmentation. The website requires you to sign-up, and instead of using a generic form, they asked personal questions to aid them in their personalization efforts. They wanted to create a personal experience for each of their customers.



By collecting this user-generated information, they were able to create various campaigns and target website users accordingly. DoggyLoot created a personalized environment that catered exactly to their various users’ needs.

They were able to email users about relevant product suggestions. Users could then click through to personalized landing pages.

Here are some of the results they saw from this strategy:

  • 410% increase in email click-through rates for large dog owners.

  • 750% increase in click-through rate for $5 coupons sent wishing the dog a happy birthday

A/B Testing of Personalized Landing Pages

Personalization adds a layer to your A/B testing. If you create a landing page and your A/B results return 60%/40%, who is to say that that does not reflect your market split? Perhaps 99% of a certain segment preferred Landing Page B.

Once you have segmented your market and identified your different buyer personas, you have the opportunity to A/B test like you have never before. You can test for each buyer persona and ensure that every segment of your market is being targeted as specifically as possible. They will be driven to a landing page that truly speaks to them.


Why Should You Use Personalized Landing Pages?

Let’s look a little closer at why this is so effective. I keep telling you that personalizing landing pages will increase your landing page conversions, but how exactly will they do that?

Don’t overthink this; the answer is simple. By personalizing your content, you are showing the consumer that you are willing to go the extra mile. Your company has taken the time to learn about the consumer, and this shows the consumer that you care. What better way to show them that they are in safe hands with a company that wants to look after them?

In short, they increased visitor engagement and improved customer experience, and that’s what drives up your conversion rate.

If you are demonstrating this to your potential buyers with every aspect of your marketing, right down to personalizing the content they see before they have even heeded your call-to-action, they will be confident that your business is a smart choice.

By personalizing your content, you may even be able to draw consumers with low purchasing intent into your sales funnel. Personalized landing pages have the power to grab a consumer’s attention and convert them into qualified leads.

In this day and age, almost every market is saturated, and very often, it is the personal touch that makes all the difference.


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