Everybody knows that first impressions are crucial. The first interaction a user has with your business will shape their impression of you and your future relationship. This applies as much to your website as to any in-person interactions. A landing page benefits your business in numerous ways. It gives your visitors a sneak peek into what your business is all about.

However, how you engage with new visitors could mean the beginning of a successful customer journey, or it could mean the loss of a potential sale.

When done well, effective landing pages offer valuable information and entice users into the sales funnel, along with giving them insights into your brand.

If you want to know more, we’ve compiled some amazing landing page benefits for your business and how you can get the most out of them.


What is a Landing Page?

Just like it sounds, a landing page is where a user lands when clicking on an ad or link. It is their first point of entry into your business’s ecosystem.

Your landing page could either be a dedicated page for a particular intent or in some cases, may simply be the homepage of your site. Many landing pages have forms for users to submit their contact details in return for a monthly newsletter.

Why do I need a Landing Page and what are its Benefits?

There are many business owners who simply want to have their website created for them and never think about it again. They don’t want to think about all the different aspects that could potentially make their life easier. Like e-commerce functions - some retailers just don’t want to go through the hassle of adding them to their website, even though it would be good for business in the long run.

Landing pages are similar. If you want to step up your lead generation game, you need to incorporate dedicated landing pages into your website strategy.

Landing pages are an integral aspect of your website and marketing channels, providing an initial connection between your site and a potential customer. If you still don’t know if you need to build a landing page, we’ve covered just a few of the landing page benefits you could reap for your business.


Landing Page Benefits for Your Business

Below we’ll discuss just a few of the landing page benefits you can expect when incorporating compelling and dedicated landing pages into your marketing process.

Landing Pages Increase Conversion Rates

According to Omniture’s statistical research, using an effective landing page to target your campaign traffic can result in an average conversion rate increase of 25%. This highlights the fact that the landing page benefits your ad campaigns. When you look at the fact that many businesses just send their target audience to either their home page or just a contact form without any accompanying information, you can understand why bringing users to a well-designed landing page can produce far better conversion results for marketing campaigns.


Landing Page Benefit with Targeted Messaging

The emphasis on your page will be stronger when you just have to think about a single message. It needs discipline, but try not to say too many things simultaneously.

With a single headline, one particular selling proposition (USP), an action call (CTA) and a product picture, a landing page can eliminate a lot of the user frustration that causes low conversion.

When running a campaign, you could have multiple traffic sources - PPC advertising, Facebook ads, affiliate links, Google Display banners, search engines, and more. If you direct all your traffic to specific landing pages, you can fine-tune the messaging on each page to reflect the user’s journey more accurately and capture potential leads.


Simpler Campaign Measurement

Your analytics are simpler with just one potential intervention on the page (and often a second safety net CTA). Either the user completes the action you want, or they don’t. If they don’t, you can change things up.

If you send someone to a homepage containing 40 other links, you will lose the ability to measure the reason for the success of the conversion. You also run the risk that your conversions might be impacted by changes you might not be aware of. Website homepages are frequently updated with details from a number of sources across the company, and not all of them will be in accordance with your campaign messaging.

With a standalone landing page, once you’ve fine-tuned the output of your ad and page, you can leave it alone with the confidence that it works and performs as you wish.

No More Design Dependencies

One of the best landing page benefits is that you have a higher degree of flexibility. This is a secret to success since you do not have to comply with the architectural constraints imposed by your website design.

You will have more visual freedom to play with. Something as basic as a black background vs a white background will help you express your vision more effectively, but a stylistic 180 like this is unlikely to be allowed on your corporate website.


Change and Test Without Politics

Websites often have multiple stakeholders around the company – a combination of various functional divisions – who all need to have a say when anything changes. When you run your campaigns from stand-alone pages, you give yourself greater flexibility and freedom. Using a landing page benefits you by making changes and run A/B tests without worrying about the rest of the site.

Once you have established the basic conversion rate, start testing any changes to your site. Using an iterative approach, you will be able to understand what your potential leads are responding to. Then, if you have a sound consumer behavior theory, you can bring it to the table for inclusion as a direction for other areas of the site – armed with the evidence needed to quell the naysayers.

Greater Campaign Accountability

If you separate your campaigns from your homepage, you can allocate responsibility more effectively. With clear, one-goal landing page experiences, your reporting will be able to see who’s doing the best and what’s going on.

You’ll be able to tell which campaign is bringing in the most traffic, and which is converting visitors into customers the best. From there, you can make better decisions about where to allocate your marketing budget.


Landing Pages Make a Good First Impression

A landing page is like a front door to your company, and, as we said earlier, first impressions are crucial. There’s a good chance that any prospective customer’s first experience with your brand will have been a website.

They might have gotten there through organic search, or by clicking on an ad. If you create a useful landing page, that offers the user exactly what they’re looking for with the right social proof, there is a higher chance that they will eventually convert into a paying customer.

Have Direct Contact with Website Visitors

A high-quality landing page is succinct, straightforward and points out the value that your brand can bring to customers. Being frank with customers is refreshing and can lead to new visitors becoming more interested in the website.

Landing pages benefit your business by interacting and delivering your key brand message to consumers in the most effective way possible. Nowadays, that’s what consumers want to see first - a straightforward, direct message of what the company does or offers for them.


Landing Pages Add Credibility

You can pick anything you want to place on the landing page or use different types of landing pages for various purposes. Depending on your services and goods, the landing page can make or break whether you get a qualified lead. Showcasing reviews, customer testimonials, and other forms of social proof from past clients or company logos to former customers will help build the credibility of your sales.

A quote from a pleased customer adds a personal touch to the brand experience and shows potential consumers the advantages of partnering with your brand.

Landing Pages Raise Brand Awareness

Landing page benefits are for more than just generating leads. They can also be used to create an effective online presence.

Landing pages offer your paid and organic traffic a preview of your website. And even if they click away fast, they will always recall your logo and branding. If they come across your brand again, you can hook them in and pull them into your sales funnel.

You could also use a spider tool to crawl the internet and track any landing page visitors across the internet, enabling you to reinforce your messaging. You may also try to turn them into a lead by earning contact information, such as their email address or phone number. Once you have their contact information, you can create targeted marketing materials that will help you turn them into paying customers.


Landing Pages Support Visitors

No matter what your business goals or objectives are, a well-crafted landing page can support them. With a landing page, you choose what content to display, and change it when it becomes irrelevant.

Using a landing page benefits you by promoting free resources like ebooks or building a mailing list, encourage users to for webinar registration or download a whitepaper and enter your marketing funnel. There are many ways in which you can help your website visitors and show them that your company is dedicated to providing consumers with more than just goods and services; you also provide support and advice to make informed decisions.

Reach Out to Mobile Users

Compared to a website, optimizing a single page for smaller screens is easier. A well-designed landing page optimized for mobile users delivers clear and concise information in a visually appealing manner. It is optimized for smaller screens, ensuring a seamless user experience and quick loading speed of all design elements. Mobile users often have limited attention spans, so the landing page helps highlight the main benefits or value proposition in an easily understandable format.

By focusing on responsive design, the placement, size, and visibility of the call-to-action (CTA) buttons of the landing pages are made accustomed to both mobile and desktop, making it effortless for mobile users to interact with them. Overall, a mobile-friendly landing page increases the chances of engaging and converting mobile users effectively.

Final Thoughts on Landing Page Benefits

You’ll drive organic search traffic, increase conversions , achieve marketing goals, and attract more qualified leads with solidly designed and developed landing pages. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

Well-planned landing pages are sort of like the marketing world’s Swiss Army Knife: ready to help you solve any issue and accomplish conversion goals. So, if you haven’t already, take stock of your landing pages to find where you can use more and optimize your marketing efforts. Contact us today!


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