Chances are, your website has a landing page. You need landing pages for generating leads and driving conversions and sales. But is one enough? Have you ever asked yourself, “How many landing pages do I need?”


There is quite a lot to consider when answering this question. How many landing pages do I need? Well;

  • What is the purpose of your website?

  • How big is your website?

  • What do you want to achieve with your website?

  • How many ad campaigns are you running?

According to a few recent studies, websites with more than 10 landing pages have a 55% higher conversion rate than websites with less than 10 landing pages. In fact, these studies suggest that if you have more than 40 landing pages, you could increase your conversions by 500% or more.

Does your website have enough landing pages? Or are you falling behind?

What is a Landing Page?


Before you ask yourself, “How many landing pages do I need?”, are you sure you know what a landing page really is?

A landing page is normally a stand-alone webpage that often looks different from the rest of your website. They are specifically used as part of marketing campaigns and have a single focus or goal.

Basically, a landing page is where a user ‘lands’ after they click on a link in an email or online ad. These ads can be found on other websites or social media platforms.

A landing page is built for a single objective, to drive conversions. The single objective, also known as the Call-To-Action (CTA), needs to specifically tell your audience what you need from them. Each type of landing page will have a unique CTA.

Do you need them to sign up to a newsletter? Do you want them to start a free trial? Perhaps you have an eCommerce business, and the objective of your landing page is to push sales.

Your landing page needs to be designed and developed with your specific business goals in mind. You need to design your landing page in such a way that it draws consumers into the top of your sales funnel and leads to them taking action.

So to answer the question, “How many landing pages do I need?”, you first need to ask,

  • How many objectives does my website need to address?

  • How many actions do I need my potential conversions to take?


Is a Landing Page a Home Page?

When you are pondering, “How many landing pages do I need?”, it is important to understand that your home page does not count!

The purpose of your homepage is not to drive sales or conversions. A homepage acts more as an introduction to a brand and carries a different set of marketing responsibilities and objectives. It should encourage exploration and give the audience an overview of your brand.

Your home page is where you introduce yourself and your business to visitors. Give them a breakdown of the tools, products and/or services that you offer.

If your home page does include a CTA, such as a sign-up sheet or a free trial, remember that that still does not make it a landing page. The sole purpose of a landing page is to drive conversions.

If your homepage includes information on how to sign up or join a service you’re offering, you will probably put a link to your landing page on your homepage.

Common Uses For Landing Pages

What can a landing page do for me?


It Can Increase Advertising ROI

When you’re running an advertising campaign, a landing page can focus a consumer’s attention on your promotion. This will increase your conversions and contribute towards a positive ROI.

It Can Generate Leads

Using landing pages for lead generation is a popular tactic. If, for example, you have an incentive to offer website visitors a free e-book or industry report, you can trade it for their personal information. You would set up a landing page with a sign-up sheet, and in exchange for signing up, the visitor would receive your incentive. The information that you gather can be the base of a mailing list or you can hand the leads over to your sales department.

It Can Encourage Free Trial Sign Ups

Some businesses offer a free trial. This is a great way to get consumers to familiarize themselves with your service. Once they become accustomed to using your service, they may not want to give it up and will rationalize spending money on it moving forward. Using a landing page for the signup process is very effective.

It Can Focus Attention on a Product

Most e-commerce companies use a landing page for each of their products. This is a great way to focus the consumer’s attention on the product and will improve the chances of a sale. E-commerce websites often use a multitude of landing pages, depending on how many products the company offers.

It Can Focus Attention on a Promotion

When you’re running a promotion, your sole objective is to make as many conversions as possible. That is why you should use landing pages for your promotions. They are perfectly designed to accommodate your conversion goals. Whether it be a Black Friday special or a spontaneous “buy one get one free” promo, a landing page will help focus attention on the promotion.

It Can Optimize Your Contact Page

There are many service-based industries that rely on engaging with the consumer. Whether you’re in hospitality, real estate or SaaS, consumers often need to discuss their exact needs with a company representative. This is why a contact page is so important. If you are not easily reachable, the consumer will move on to a different website. Using landing pages for your contact information is considered best practice in most industries.

Types of Landing Pages


The answer to, “How many landing pages do I need?”, also largely depends on what type of landing pages you should be using. Let’s look at a few popular landing page formats.

Lead Generating Landing Pages

The point of lead generating landing pages is to turn targeted website visitors into leads for your business. This is done by gathering their personal information. You will use this information to convert these leads into customers. These types of landing pages are used at the start of the sales funnel. Useful information to gather would be their names, business name, business size, email address, social media etc. You can also use this information to start a mailing list.

Click-Through Landing Pages

These types of landing pages are used a little later in the buying cycle. They are normally quite simple. The point of a click-through landing page is to convince a consumer to make an immediate purchase. They are normally connected to a product. Perhaps a special promotion or a regular product page.

Explainer Landing Pages

These types of landing pages are used when the call to action requires a lot of consideration. This could be because the product or service is expensive or time-consuming. The landing page would contain a large amount of pertinent information for the consumer to consider, rather than catchy copy or flashy graphics. The point of this landing page format would be to educate the consumer. It would be the ideal format to use if your company was promoting an educational course, for example.

Clearly Define Your Goals


These are only a few of the landing page formats that marketers regularly use. When you’re thinking, “How many landing pages do I need?”, you have to decide which type of landing page is best aligned to your marketing tactics and the overall goal of your campaign.

How Many Landing Pages Do I Need?

Just by going through to the above sections, you can see that you may need to use several types of landing pages to satisfy a variety of business objectives. This is why it is so important to define your business objectives, avoid common mistakes, and understand how your website structure can help you achieve these goals.

Only after you have developed a thorough understanding of your website’s needs can you begin to quantify the question, “How many landing pages do I need?”

When you’re considering “How many landing pages do I need?”, consider the benefits that go along with using multiple landing pages.

More Conversion Opportunities

The most obvious benefit of having multiple landing pages is the opportunity to drive conversions.


You must make sure that your landing pages:

  • Are optimised for SEO and don’t have a ‘NoFollow’.

  • Have inbound links from your other webpages, and

  • Are included in your website’s navigation bar.

All this will direct traffic to your landing pages, which means you have more traffic passing through your landing pages and more opportunity to convert this traffic.

So when you’re considering, “How many landing pages do I need?”, consider how much traffic you want.

You don’t need an active online marketing campaign to generate leads. By having several lead-generating landing pages, you will make yourself easier to find. Consumers will stumble across your website funnels and be converted.

You can use the following tools to increase conversions on your landing pages:

Optimise your PPC Ads


Traditionally, landing pages have been associated with Google AdWords, PPC ads, and most marketers use several landing pages for each Google AdWords campaign. They test and tweak these pages to make them cohesive and to increase conversion rates. They also run A/B tests and select the highest performing ad/landing page combinations.

So when you’re asking yourself, “How many landing pages do I need?”, also consider how many PPC ad campaigns you’re running and which landing pages work well with which ads.

Creating More Inbound Marketing Opportunities

Social Media Marketing teams are often looking for spaces where they can produce more content, and sales teams are often looking for more leads.

Landing pages are a happy solution that can help both departments of your business meet these ends.

Landing pages can give you the space to produce well written and well-designed marketing content. Your landing pages can even be shared on social media, and this practice in itself will fetch you more leads.

By creating a variety of landing pages, you will give your team more opportunity to create content. And by creating a variety of content to link to your landing pages, you will be driving more traffic to these landing pages.

Good landing pages formats for inbound marketing posts are interactive and engaging. You can think about using:


  • Vote contests

  • Photo contests

  • Photo caption contests

  • Coupons

  • Sweepstakes

Segment for Your Traffic Sources

When you ask yourself, “How many landing pages do I need?”, remember that you’re going to be fetching traffic from different sources. You need to consider your customer profiles and understand where you’re going to fetch your traffic from. It might be worth your while to create different landing pages to appeal to your different market segments.

It is easy to duplicate your landing pages, meaning you can create similar landing pages for your different market segments easily and use the same offer. You can adjust the copy and graphics of your landing pages to ensure that they’re appealing to your specific inbound traffic sources.

Segment your Offers and Market

When you’re asking yourself, “How many landing pages do I need?”, it would be wise to consider how many offers you’re going to be using. You will need different landing pages to market your different offers.

You might find that your different consumer segments respond differently to different offers. In this case, it would be more suitable to create a variety of offers. What appeals to one customer might not appeal to another.

If, for example, you own a restaurant that prides itself on value for money, you would be appealing to families, and also, students. But you wouldn’t use the same marketing material to market to both of these demographics.

Perhaps students would find a 2 for 1 special appealing, whereas a family would be keener on a family feast special. You would build landing pages to market each of these offers and make them appealing to the demographic that is likely to respond to that offer.


To Conclude

So, you’re probably still wondering, “How many landing pages do I need?” on my website? Even though we haven’t given you a straightforward answer, you can probably assume it’s more than you have right now.

At Apexure, we specialize in creating bespoke landing page designs that drive conversions. We combine expertise, industry knowledge, and design to get you and your company results.

If you have ever asked yourself, “How many landing pages do I need?” for my website, you should take a look at our landing page design services. We have been building landing pages using Unbounce, InstaPage and SwipePages for over a decade, and have worked with over 300+ customers globally

If you need more landing pages, we’ll be the first to tell you. Let us help you easily reach your business goals just by showcasing your existing marketing material in the most effective way possible. Contact us today!


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