“People don’t buy goods or services; they buy stories.”

When we talk about landing page copy, it’s not like any other copy for a website or social media. It’s a productive copy that can help you get desired conversions through the page.

While your landing page copy may vary as per the audience and industry you are in, some crucial frameworks can help you write persuasive copy.

How Do You Define Your Landing Page’s Primary Goal?


Before you step into creating creative copy for your landing page, it’s essential to understand the roots of the same.

Identify the main goal that your landing page wants to serve out there. It can be creating awareness, reaching more subscriptions, or experimenting with different offers.

Be it any, your landing page copy should directly target the company’s primary goal.

What is Landing Page Copy?


Landing page copy works as a digital salesperson that caters to thousand-plus users, creates demand, persuades them, and leads to successful conversions.

The central question is how do we create landing page copies that bring-in conversions and loyal clients?

Start Your Landing Page Copy Journey With These Tips

Unable to identify from where you should start your copywriting journey? Here are some best landing page copy practices to help you craft efficient copies.

Here are some basics for you:

Keep it Crisp & Clear: When someone visits your landing page, visitors should get to know about the offers instantly. Hence, ensure to keep it brief and to the point, avoiding the inclusion of excessive information.

Say no to ‘Verbosity’: Your landing page shouldn’t share endless stories or lengthy descriptions. The great landing page copy has to be precise and should be able to deliver the message in a few words.

Talk to the viewer: The landing page should look approachable to a viewer. Once they land on the page, they should feel comfortable while they look out for the solution. Hence, your copy must be engaging for a viewer.

CTA over any other thing: In the end, ensure that your audience takes valuable action i.e. convinced enough to click on the CTA. For that, it’s important to craft a strong and persuasive CTA. If you’re looking for a reliable and expert touch to your content, consider reaching out to the professional writing services.

Let them miss you: Ensure to craft a copy that creates a memorable experience for the users. It should be so strong and engaging that offers a unique lead magnet which presents you as an expert.

Keep your Homepage separate from Landing Page: We usually assume that the homepage and landing page are the same. However, both hold two varied and significant roles. Your homepage depicts an overall picture of your brand. In contrast, a landing page is designed to address specific services/products and comprises a call-to-action option for that offering.

One idea=One Sentence: On a landing page, you need your viewers to take baby steps instead of letting them gulp in all the information at once. Hence, every sentence should address one idea that can help readers to understand it slowly and then move ahead.

Now that you have an idea of a basic outline ensure that you keep a hygiene check of these points while crafting landing page copy.

What are Landing Page Copy Principles

To ensure that your end goal is accomplished with a conversion-ready landing page copy, you need to make sure that you’re following these individual landing page copy best practices:

Identify a Core Problem:

Landing page copy is written to acknowledge the various problems the audience might be facing. Hence, with the help of creative copy, you must address the problem and offer a solution.

Consider jotting down problems the audience might face, and then scratch the roots to identify that one core problem. That’s precisely what you need to address while writing your landing page copy.

Propose a solution:

Now that you’re aware of the trigger point of your audience. It’s time to offer them a solution to help them accomplish the end goal. Instead of catering to all the solutions, focus on providing that one magnet offer to help you achieve a maximum conversion rate.

Re-Define the definition of Conversion Goal:

In the end, we know conversion goal matters the most. However, let the visitor reach for it naturally instead of forcing it on them after every copy. Hence, work on a persuasive copy that leads customers to CTA instead of making it pop up in front of them every second.

For Example:

Company Name: ZiAAS

What do they do?: Provide the best IT solutions

The problem they want to solve through the landing page- To get more clients onboard



Here, ZiAAS describe their service with a detailed and thorough copy. And one can’t ignore the creative impact of placing CTA twice. If placed once, the chances are that a viewer might miss it. But with multiple CTAs delivering the same message, the chances are that it will come in more notice, and viewers will end up signing up.

What’s the Intent?

The intent of customers might vary from platform to platform. Hence, writing copy as per the platform we are targeting is essential. For example, someone looking for you on Google might have a severe intention of buying the product/service from you compared to someone stalking your account on Instagram to stay updated or share with their friends.

That is why your copy should go in parallel with customers’ intent. Refrain from writing the same copy for every platform, as that might fail to get new viewers on the landing page.

Copy for AD and Landing Page should go parallel:

No one wants a customer to hold two different meanings while visiting the website and landing page. Hence, your landing page copy must convey the same message as your website.

For Example:

Company Name: Goodbody

What do they do?: Provide full health-checkup for women

The problem they are trying to solve is- Getting more women on board to get their checkups done.



The copy depicts a clear message of offering advanced well woman blood test and keeps it transparent by instantly letting the viewer know about the price. It makes it easier for the viewer to take a decision immediately.

Own a Visual Hierarchy:

Writing great landing page copy isn’t sufficient; one needs to ensure that a viewer can successfully differentiate between what they’re looking for and what’s not essential. That’s when headlines, sub-headlines and paragraphs come into play.

All three should be presented with different font sizes but in sync. This matters the most as it defines where a viewer should look first.

For Example:

Company Name: Boost health insurance

What do they do?: Provide premium plans with several benefits.

The problem they are trying to solve– To get in more customers to sign-up for their premium plan



Boost Health Insurance has given a high push on their $0 Monthly Premium Scheme so that it comes to the viewers’ notice and persuades them to read further and take the final action.

Convey your Value Proposition:

When a viewer lands on the landing page, they should know what you offer and the problem you aim to solve. Hence, your landing page copy should cater for highlighting the primary benefit.

For Example:


As one can see, they have shared their value proposition in as few words as possible. The first and foremost thing that a viewer will focus on is “The Most Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company”, and the quintessential part about this landing page is that it visually directs the user to the CTA.

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Social Proof:

No matter what industry you’re working in; your viewer will always like to see what other customers say about your brand. Hence, don’t miss out on sharing testimonials, media coverage, social media links, case studies etc., to build credibility.

For Example:


Acquiring testimonials is one thing, and presenting the ones that highlight your excellent service is another. While a brand might receive many reviews/feedback, it’s essential to share the right social proof that represent a brand in good books and make it look more credible.

Test Before You Finalize- A/B testing:

Are you Confused about which copy will work better for you? How about you let your real users decide that? With the help of A/B Testing, you can get an idea of which copy is more effective and engaging.

How to Write a Landing Page Copy

Your landing page copy comprises three elements- Headline, Description Copy, and CTA. Let’s explore how you can craft and bring out the best in every aspect.

1. Headline

Headline holds a significant part while considering landing page copy. This is the first thing that will capture the attention of the viewer and will persuade them to read further. It is essential to always optimise your landing page headline according to the target buyer personas. Here’s how you can create a perfect headline for the page:

Headline Copy Tips:

1. Highlight the unique pain points or a helpful solution.

2. Make your headline engaging. Start with a question or a remark that will convince the audience to read the further description.

3. Ensure to keep it crisp and short (5-12 words).

Sharing some hassle-free formulas to create Landing Page Headline:

Formula 1: What’s the Desired Outcome?

Your headline should be able to convey what the output is going to be. Whether someone might get treatment, a free sample, or an exclusive offer? Ensure that it doesn’t confuse viewers with varied meanings.

For Example:

Company Name: Cash With Courses

What they want to do?: Get more entries for their teaching course

Here, the headline slightly creates urgency among the viewers. Hence, the copy highlights the main motive of “getting paid” smartly.


Formula 2: Turn a problem into the desired outcome

Your headline should go from Point A to Point B quickly without confusing the viewers. Point A should represent your problem, and Point B should cater to the solution.

The main challenge is understanding how to jump from Point A to Point B without hassle. While A highlights the problems of your audience, Point B directs what the viewers desire to do.

Once identified, it becomes easier to craft a creative headline.

For example, the headline clearly states what it will help with and is supported by the subhead by answering “how”.


Formula 3: Feel the Pain Point

If you want to lead with a pain point, use the description copy to fully explain how you will help your audience alleviate or eliminate their pain points. This headline captures your audience’s attention by describing how they may be feeling before they take advantage of your offer.

For Example:


Here is an example that lets you lead with a pain point. It describes and acknowledges how the audience might be feeling before they jump on to take your offer.

Once the pain point is highlighted and explained in detail, it makes it easier for the audience to nod. Ensure to use your description copy to alleviate or eliminate prospects’ pain points.

Formula 4: Share the “Desired” Outcome**

In the end, your headline is vital in leading customers to the desired outcome. Your headline should be affirmative and build trust among consumers that they are ready to take the next step.

For Example:


The headline refrains from highlighting the pain point. But it sounds more positive and affirmative, making the audience take the next step.

2. Description Copy

Your headline brings in the attention of your viewers, while the description copy holds them on a landing page and describes the actual service/product they are looking out for. In short, your description defines the offer that the headline wanted the prospects to consider.

Formula 1: State the List of Benefits

If you want your viewers to know everything at once, the best part is to highlight the benefits or features in the description.

For Example:


This is the perfect example that captures what a brand wants to solve and what the benefits will be if you get a consultation with them.

3. CTA Button Copy

In the end, CTA should be your primary goal. Once you can grab your viewer’s attention, it’s time to lead them to the desired call-to-action. Ensure that your CTA is highlighted on the page and not confused with other descriptions/headlines.

Here’s how you can craft a better CTA:

Formula 1: Make it motivating.

CTA is a make-or-break deal for the viewers. Ensure that you make it look credible and persuasive to a customer. Instead of using “you”, use 1st person in your CTA. The reason is that it makes CTA more robust and trustworthy.

For Example:


Formula 2: What’s the Value?

We all write CTA copy to make viewers focus on the action. How about you gently remind them of the value hidden in it?

For Example:


In this case, instead of asking a viewer to “enroll” or “register”, the focus is on highlighting the value that will benefit a viewer, i.e. “Start Saving Money.”

Formula 3: Ready to Handle Objections

Many viewers might have objections to your offer; how about you acknowledge it via your call-to-action itself? This will make it easier for you to gain viewers’ trust without any second doubt.

For Example:


Here, a customer might worry if this is legit or how their service might be. However, they have already made a strong CTA by letting customers know about their Trustpilot Rating.

How to make your CTA copy visually appealing?

  1. Ensure it’s written with only one action-oriented words.

  2. The CTA copy colour should be in contrast to other copy colours.

  3. It should be easy to read, pleasing to the eyes, and convincing.

Difference Between Sales Copy vs Landing Page Copy

Understanding the difference between sales copy and landing page copy is crucial to create an impactful offer. The below table sets a clear picture for the same:

Sales Page vs Landing Page Copy

It is easy to get confused between a sales page vs landing page copy, but with the above table in mind, one can form the right messaging.


The reason behind genuine conversions lies in curating a solid and compelling copy that instantly acknowledges the problem and offers a solution. On the other hand, creating a landing page copy that doesn’t lead viewers in any specific direction might lead to less or no conversion rate.

Want to start writing creative landing page copy today? Get in touch! At Apexure, we help you craft copies that sync with what viewers want and what you can offer. In short, we can help you deliver crisp, eye-catching, and quirky landing page copies.


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