Have you tried numerous ways and still don’t know why your landing page is not converting?

Don’t worry; you are not alone.

From poor offers to a lack of urgency in the CTA, many factors can account for a landing page not converting. So, if you’ve done your best and squandered your money yet constantly wonder, “Why is my landing page not converting?” You have reached the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the fourteen most common issues that prevent your landing page from showing measurable results, along with solutions for each. Let’s start now!

1. Your Landing Page is Your Home Page

Many businesses make the error of incorporating some elements from their homepage into their landing page design. It acts as the main reason for a landing page not converting. Beautiful design, navigation, and multiple portals may sound appealing, but only for a homepage, which is there to help inform website visitors about your product or services rather than focusing on conversion rates.

Solution: Understand and imply the distinctions.

Understanding the distinction between a homepage and a landing page is critical to improving results. The following are three key differences between the two-

Purpose: Your homepage is your business’s introduction to your probable customers; it should explain your brand and attract customers in a way that helps to encourage engagement. However, your landing page is the decisive step of the purchase journey; it should be solely dedicated to conversion rates. The emphasis should be on a specific CTA and the offer.

Links and Portals: A homepage can benefit significantly from having many pages and portals because they can communicate more information. But a landing page is meant to direct users to a specific call to action (CTA). Taking prospects’ attention away with varied elements will negatively impact and lead to your landing page not converting.

Traffic: While several factors affect traffic to the home page, advertisements drive traffic to the landing pages. You wouldn’t want to waste your advertising budget by steering users away with a website filled with distracting elements. Always send your PPC ads traffic to conversion-focused landing pages to secure quality leads.

The two examples below will help you understand the distinction.

While Apexure’s homepage clearly states who we are, what we do, and why you should choose us and provides numerous links to help you navigate our website; the landing page for E.L.M Tree Care directs you to a free estimate of costs along with some basic information, reviews, and ratings.



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2. Incorrect Targeting

Any marketer should start by identifying the appropriate audience before developing a strategy. People won’t click through to your page if they aren’t interested. Wrong targeting is why many marketers find their landing page not converting.

Solution: Strengthen your buyer persona

To focus on the right audience, basic information like a person’s age, location, job title, goals, and challenges they face is of high importance. In addition to assisting you with such details, buyer personas also help you steer your way to your ideal customer. A buyer persona is created using actual data from market research done through a marketing intelligence platform, competitor analysis, and existing customer profiles. It helps effectively to solve the problem of landing pages not converting through more target audience-focused campaigns.

You can identify your target market more precisely by using a variety of buyer personas from divergent backgrounds.


3. Your Inconsistencies are Confusing People

Suppose a visitor finds the advertisement appealing but is perplexed by the mismatched message on the landing page. In that case, they will likely walk away without much thought, effectively negating all your efforts and leaving you scratching your head as to “why my landing page is not converting?”

Solution: Maintain Consistency

Use the same theme, layout, and call-to-action on your landing page and in your advertisement. Ensure you follow a consistent theme, fonts, tone, and language.

You can also increase your landing page’s efficiency by creating a customised landing page for different sources—for instance, start by having separate landing pages for product or service ads and social media ads. Following the colour schemes in line with the schemes of a specific social media will give users a more consistent experience.


4. Your Landing Page Ignores Your Brand Voice

Visitors will lose interest immediately if your landing page does not sync with your brand voice. The foundation for credibility and trust is familiarity. Your communication style, the words you choose, your tone, and your vision and mission all work together to give users a distinct impression of your business.

Suppose you compromise on the landing page’s uniqueness by using ready-to-use templates, boring, accessible designs, or ignoring feedback and reviews; it is almost certain this will lead to your landing page not converting.

Solution: Design in line with your brand’s voice

Similar visual design, content, tone, and branding in each ad and right landing page design will unify your marketing efforts. Together, it offers a consistency that sets a brand apart from its competition.

Example: The use of specific colours, images, a consistent tone, and a message that emphasises the value of life insurance by Bequest helps to create a distinctive, unified impression of the company.


5. Too Many Elements Lead to Bewilderment

You may be eager to provide your users with the most satisfying experience possible when they arrive at your landing page. But think twice before you provide them with too many options.

More choices lead to confusion, which delays or eliminates your users’ decision-making ability. As a result, it leads to your landing page not converting. Your efforts will be defeated, leaving you perplexed as to why my landing page is not converting.

Solution: Simplification

Get rid of redundant navigation, blogs, or links. Users enjoy a smoother experience with fewer options, and conversion rates rise as a result.


In the above example, we can see Memebermeister has used-

  • A clear visual message

  • Concise information with FAQs

  • Creative support for the CTA

Everything makes the page easy to understand and compelling.

6. Your Landing Page is Too Demanding

One of the main reasons most people do not reach the CTA, making the landing page not converting, is that too much information is asked. First name, last name, credit card details, location, age, and numerous redundant questions are why users leave the page despite being convinced by the offer.

Solution: Short and direct questions

If you don’t need a prospect’s location to provide virtual consultation, don’t ask for it. Concisely asking fewer questions that are direct. It is the best way to maximise visitor retention on your site. Further, if required, you can add multiple-choice options, which take no time to respond to and prompt users to act upon the CTA. Such add-ons enhance user experience and encourage visitors to convert.


Truebill has only requested an email address, which may entice visitors to click through the CTA.

7. Your Landing Page is Slow

Do you expect a page that loads slowly to function when even our lives change so quickly? Okay, no. When a page loads slowly, visitors tend to exit. Additionally, due to slow loading, the page’s ranking gets affected, eventually leading to search engines like Google not displaying the landing page in direct search results. It will leave your landing page not converting and affect the business’s overall online presence.

Solution: Optimisation

For the fastest page load, optimize your landing page. Some of the effective ways to do it are-

  • Using a hosting service that is optimised for performance.

  • Image compression and optimisation.

  • Make HTML, JavaScript, and CSS smaller.

  • Use a content delivery network (CDN).


8. Boring Call-to-action

CTAs like “Buy now,” “Subscribe now,” or “Submit” are not enticing enough for users to click on them. Because of its mechanical nature, visitors might believe they’re just another number of sales. A vague or boring CTA will negate all your marketing efforts leading to your landing page not converting.

Solution: Build a Creative CTA

You must ensure your CTA has unique wording and adheres to the best CTA practices. Some of them can include the following-

  • Visible CTA button

  • Action-oriented wording encouraging customers to click

  • Colour theme highlighting the CTA button

  • Balanced font size, which is appealing

  • Creative CTA button shape

  • Supporting text with the CTA

  • Sense of urgency with time-oriented words like “now” and “today.”


If you look at the example above, it contains most of the qualities that a powerful CTA ought to have.

  • Focused on a single offer.

  • In contrast to the colour scheme, the CTA’s green colour stands out.

  • The “Book a free consultation” CTA button is realistic and intriguing.

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9. Lack of Urgency

With so many advertorials available online most visitors ignore the landing pages if they don’t contain something that piques their interest or creates a sense of urgency.

Solution: Use the Concept of Scarcity

Creating a landing page with elements such as a countdown, an exclusive limited offer, and other statistics is an excellent tool for convincing the visitor that the offer is worthwhile. It helps eliminate the chances of the landing page not converting.


Visitors to this landing page will immediately reason with the statistics provided. The number one clinic, only a few hours left, and 50% off will almost certainly entice them to click through the CTA.

10. It is Untrustworthy

Users are skeptical when it comes to trusting businesses online, especially if they have never heard of your company. Including elements that will encourage users to trust and connect with you is critical. You’ll keep complaining about a landing page not converting if you don’t invest in establishing personal connections and trust with your visitors.

Solution: Social proof

It is unquestionably true that customers trust other customers more than they trust the company. You must add elements like testimonials, feedback, star ratings, client logos, and other credible details such as recognized certificates, photos, and videos to win the trust of first-time visitors.


One can immediately see in the preceding example

  • Awards and accolades history

  • Rating

  • A senior industry executive’s testimonial

Building trust in the brand right away.

11. There is Nothing Unique About Your Offer

You might believe your landing page’s failure is primarily due to poor design and other marketing factors like SEO. However, often your offer is insufficient, causing the nagging question “Why is my landing page not converting?” to linger in your mind.

Solution: Put Customers on the Front Line

Changing your perspective may be exactly what your landing page requires. You may have been using the “sign-up now” or “buy now” CTA for quite some time. But have you ever considered what would happen if someone didn’t know what your product or service was?

A lack of information will only turn them away. Think about your customers’ needs and wants. You can improve your CTA by getting clear answers to questions like “How exciting is my offer?”, “What benefits does it offer?” and others.

Further, going beyond generic offers to include free videos, webinar invites, or one-on-one calls for discussion are some effective methods of raising awareness.

Example: Since the idea of affiliate management on autopilot is not widely known, Purply’s free trial is a great way to build brand awareness.


12. All Words and No Show

How long can you stay on a landing page full of words or technical jargon? Probably only a few seconds. Face it, when it comes to online marketing, words alone can never do the talking. Content-heavy pages have their own space under pillar pages.

Also, if your landing page has too many words and too few elements like pictures or graphics, you’re likely to keep on googling “why my landing page is not converting.”

Solution: Balanced Elements

Most internet users only skim the pages and do not read them at all. So, if you want your landing page to bring in measurable results, ensure you enticingly engage users and build their interest.


Looking at the above example, you can find

  • Easy-to-read words and fonts

  • Consistent brand colour tone to hold visitors’ interest

  • Shorter sentences, heads, subheads, and bullets are creatively placed

  • Usage of relevant images and videos

Making the page’s design appealing while simultaneously providing the information correctly.

13. Disoriented Purpose

While designing a landing page, you may be preoccupied with adding relevant elements and information to make it compelling, assuming that visitors will read the entire page or scroll down to the CTA. The truth is that they don’t. As previously stated, users are mostly just skimming through the pages, and attention decreases with every scroll down.

Solution: Immediate and Clear Information

Look at the example below.


Within seconds of glancing through the image, you can grasp

  • The headline

  • A concise description of the offer

  • The benefits that you will get

  • A clear CTA

  • Social proof in the form of star ratings

All in an easy-to-read format. You must give the information right away to make the most of your landing page.

14. Your Landing Page Lacks USP

While you are focused solely on your landing page and business, website visitors are swamped with daily advertisements in the form of popups, mailers, and numerous links. Making it all about business may not be a promising idea and put you in a state of constantly questioning, “why my landing page is not converting?”

Solution: Build a Connection with Visitors

The brand succeeds when it has a narrative or other components that allow consumers to identify with it. We at Apexure employ the most effective storytelling techniques to captivate users with landing pages. Among them are the following:

Highlighting uniqueness:

Example: Highlighting ZiASS’s lightning-fast customer service as an IT support provider.


Speaking in emotions: Chances of conversion and retention rise when users get treated kindly and with empathy. Instant connection-building is possible for your users when they experience emotions like transformation, journey, or purpose. Words that express emotions give users characteristics like self-confidence or happiness, which motivate users to click.

Not-Solving-Prospect Problems-Results-in-Landing-Page-is-Not-Converting

Highlighting the commitment to finding the right customers gives the impression that the company cares about the customers and encourages users to invest in health sincerely.

Be a problem solver:

Example: Union Home Loan Inc uses a multi-step form to make it convenient for users to share information. They also highlight the loan approval period in their subhead.


Be a leader with followers: Show yourself as a trusted business with the help of social proof. Make your users the protagonists of your business story.


In the above example, confidently stating “our experience” and using testimony to back up the statement positions the brand as a leader while also placing the consumers at the centre of the business.


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