Landing Page is a particular page crafted for viewers who have a chance of getting turned around into potential customers. Creating a conversion-friendly landing page isn’t a one-day task. One needs to make sure that everything aligned on the page is perfect. The headline rules over a significant chunk of the landing page, and it’s essential to create one that is click-worthy, persuasive and eye-catching. Let’s explore some of the techniques to curate the best landing page headlines.


Landing Page Headline Definition

Landing page headline, also known as a header, title or h1, is placed at the top of every context. It is represented in the big, bold font and plays an essential role in getting conversions. The main challenge of crafting a headline is that it should be catchy and must portray what a business wants to sell.

Importance of Landing Page Headline

Every page consists of a complete structure- head, body, foot. The head being headline is placed at the top of the landing page and becomes the focal point as soon as a viewer comes on the page.

If you have a catchy headline, then the chances are that viewers would like to scroll down further. However, a poor headline can make you lose the deal in no time.

Apart from this, look out for some other benefits of the headline:

  • It helps perceive the brand image in a better way

  • Classy headlines can build up interest for the product or services

  • Catchy headline can support Interactive elements easily

Headline has the power of grabbing attention within a short span of time. Let’s look out for some ways to make the landing pages interactive with headlines.

How Do You Define a Good Landing Page Headline?

While every landing page headline has a different purpose, some standard rules apply to all sorts of headlines. Here are specific rules that you should keep in mind while creating your headline.


Rule 1: Keep your headline aligned with the overall campaign

One shouldn’t write a headline just because it looks good. It’s important to realise that the headline should go parallel to the comprehensive campaign. As soon as the viewer comes on the page, they shouldn’t feel that they have landed at the wrong place. Craft a headline that goes in sync with the additional content.

While creating the headline, remember that some users might be coming on the page for the first time. The chances are high that they aren’t aware of the brand tone/meaning. Hence, ensure to create a headline that reflects your brand’s personality.

Rule 2: Be as straightforward as possible

For a landing page headline, you’re not liable to write a copy that makes people laugh or react to it. More than being witty, ensure that the headline offers a crisp and clear message to the audience.

The main target of the headline is to let people understand what your brand is about and how it can help them evade their problems. Therefore, focus on creating a straightforward headline instead of being witty.

Rule 3: Find your inspiration

You don’t have to start it from scratch always. Take inspiration from existing headlines and create your own. The simple formula for creating a compelling headline is this- benefit/pain point + how you solve it + the hook.

Your hook is the make-or-break deal. It should promote the USP of the brand and persuade viewers to stay for a more extended period and buy out.

Here are three things you shouldn’t miss out on while writing your headline-

  • Promote the benefit

  • Try to identify a solution for the viewer

  • Convince the viewer and keep them intact on the page

Landing Page Heading Formulas

Here are seven fantastic landing page headline formulas you should never miss out on. Every formula depends on the product, brand, and target audience you have in mind.

Formula 1: The quick-solution headline

This type of headline is meant for specific situations that viewers want. It doesn’t have to connect to the brand’s USP or quirky headline directly. The main focus is on providing an instant solution to the viewer.


For example, if someone is looking for “how to get the best portrait of their pet, “ the answer should be directly offered by the page they are searching on.

Formula 2: What’s the number?

Add the number value to the landing page headline formula as your unique selling proposition. Here the headline is more result-oriented than making a brand sound more fun or helping viewers find the solution directly.


For Example- Here, the numbers have been used to portray why one should use Purply App over any other competitor’s app. Numbers make it easier to persuade the viewer to get registered.

Formula 3: State the action

This formula helps visitors navigate through an offer easily and take action. Such headlines work the best as a viewer knows what to do to secure the offer and is just one click away from getting what s/he wants.

For example, BlufPartners heading here states what action a visitor has to take to grab the benefits of their services.


Formula 4: “What’s the point?” formula

Not every customer is a big fan of humorous headlines. Some are looking for direct conversation between the brand and themselves. These headlines should have a unique space on your high-converting landing page as they directly sell the whole purpose of the brand.


Let’s break down the headline of Taskmatix landing page. Here words like “Affordable” and “Easy” showcase the benefit of the company’s product, a warranty management software. It helps attract visitor attention, while words like “for SMEs” focuses on the target industry, making it easier to filter quality leads.

Formula 5: Touch the pain point

Sometimes, a viewer isn’t aware of the need until and unless someone makes them realise the same. In this situation, focus on creating a headline that directly promotes the problem instead of the solution.


Formula 6: Who’s the best?

In this formula, you don’t have to promise you’re the best at everything. In this one, funnel down the USP that you want to highlight and state that you’re an expert in it.

For example-


Formula 7: The trustworthy headline

In this headline, you state the testimonials of your existing customers. This way, new viewers can see previous experiences and build credibility with your brand.


Formula 8: The ‘’what Will happen next?” formula

Sharing a headline that creates the FOMO can also help you get good engagement. In these headlines, marketers usually state things that make viewers think that if they don’t take the opportunity right now, it might make them miss out on something big.

One can also use numbers or stats in this kind of formula. For example- 9 out of 10 people are guilty of this.

Formula 9: Engaging headline

You can have a headline stating the benefits of using your service or the USP. However, people also prefer to look out for engaging or playful headlines. These headlines work the best when you want a viewer to stay on your page for a longer time and let them explore ahead.

Ensure to use puns while delivering what’s important for a viewer. Information and creativity should go hand-in-hand for this formula.

How Else Can You Create a Convincing Landing Page Headline?

1. Make it Promising

At the end of the day, a customer is looking for a brand that can understand them properly and help them identify the solution for the problem. Ensure to create a headline that looks promising to a viewer. It is considered an honest way to get more viewers in line.


2. Focus on what you want to sell

There might be 100 benefits of using your brand over any other. But before getting aware of those additional benefits, a viewer would like to know the key benefit of your brand. When it comes to landing page headline, you need to make sure of these two things-

  • You don’t have much time to hook people on the page

  • Readers want to know immediately what you’re trying to sell

The main reason behind focusing on one benefit is that it works out as the solution for the viewers. If you add on several advantages and give equal priority to each one, then the chances are that it might confuse the viewer. Hence, it’s suggested to identify one key benefit and let the viewer explore the rest.

3. Use repetitions in the headline

Instead of stating a new fact in every headline, try building a pattern all by repeating one thing but in a different way. This way, a customer can build trust quickly.

Using rhyming and repetitive words can make your brand sound more trustworthy and make it easy for a customer to stay around for a longer time.


4. What’s the persuading Hook?

Once a customer lands on the landing page, what’s that one thing that builds curiosity among them to stay on a page for a more extended period? Creating a headline that can make customers feel more excited and clickbait can get you more conversions.

It doesn’t mean you should refrain from telling viewers directly about what you sell or how they can find a solution quickly. It’s all about creating a click-bait headline that is something a viewer would like to explore.


5. Make it eligible for SEO

In the end, you would like a viewer to visit your page first, then your competitors’ page. To do that, you must highlight the relevant keyword in the headline. Instead of focusing on crafting a headline that is full of humour and creativity, build a headline that also includes your focused SEO keywords.

While this isn’t compulsory, if you want your page to come on Google’s top results, then using the right keyword in the headline is essential.

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6. Highlight your call-to-action

It’s important to highlight your call to action on the landing page. Though CTA works best when it’s highlighted with a different colour box, a catchy headline that can evoke the need for a customer to click on the CTA is also essential.

No viewer will be convinced to go to a CTA without realising its importance. That’s the time when the headline needs to be solid and persuasive.


7. Promotional offer

This one works the best when the main aim of the brand is any of the given options-

  • Make a viewer aware of a new offer

  • Increase the sales

  • Introduce a new product

If someone is targeting any options, state the same in your headline. This way, it’s best for both sides as the communication is clear and the chances of increasing the conversion rate are higher.


The reason behind using a promotional offer is that not everyone will be willing to come on the page because of the service. Some might like to look at the offer and then get convinced to explore it further.

8. A/B Test

No matter how significant and confident you are about your headline. The final answer of “What works the best for you” relies on A/B Testing. A/B testing helps test two different subjects among a large group audience and then enables you to identify which one is more suitable.

This process can be done for headlines as well. For Eg.- You can try one headline with a clear offer with customers out there and another headline with quirky and click-bait content with another set of consumers. It will help you direct which one the audience prefers more.

Let’s Make the Best Headline for You!

It is said that the first impression is the last. This phrase holds equal importance when it comes to your landing page headline. Your landing page headline should be able to offer what your brand offers, what they can help with, and what’s unique.

Ensure that the headline is not as long as a paragraph and holds the hook that can make a viewer stay on the page for a more extended period.

Don’t want to miss out on the best landing page headline for your brand? Want to give your creative side a start today? How about you start it with Apexure? At Apexure, we can help you create suitable headlines for your landing page designs that relate to your brand and can help you increase your conversion rate. Contact us today!


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