Making random tweaks to your landing pages will NOT increase their conversion rate. It needs a more data-backed approach to reduce a landing page’s bounce rate and boost its lead generation. Businesses often ignore landing page optimization till their PPC campaigns’ performance starts slowing down. Though marketers must start looking into landing page optimization best practices the minute a page goes live, but so is not the case for many.

Landing page optimization works because it aligns your pages with potential customers’ demands. With the help of robust user-behaviour tracking tools and the right marketing strategy, optimization helps landing pages sell better and convert more.


So, here is an article that showcases our top landing page optimization best practices with helpful examples to make your target audience do precisely what you want to achieve – quick conversions.

What Is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing page optimization is the process of polishing specific elements on your website landing page to maximize leads. A crucial element of conversion rate optimization, landing Page optimization aims to make the most out of every element present on your landing page. Do you feel like you want to improve your landing page lead generation? We are here to help find solutions to fix your problems with our top landing page optimization best practices.


As a digital business owner, it is crucial to understand that landing pages are a vital component of a website and an essential tool in a digital marketer’s arsenal. When designed with landing page optimization best practices in mind, landing pages have the potential to contribute to growing crucial leads. What’s more, they also help you achieve business objectives and aid you in seamlessly optimize your conversion rates (CRO).

This article will share our top landing page optimization best practices with helpful examples to make your target audience do precisely what you want to achieve – quick conversions. What’s more, they also help you achieve business objectives and aid you in seamlessly optimizing your landing page conversion goals.

Understanding the Ideal Landing Page Optimization Process

Applying landing page optimization best practices is instrumental in following a template to achieve the best results. As suggested by the Eisenberg brothers, one of the most famous processes we vouch for is the iconic conversion pyramid.

Before jumping into learning the best landing page optimization tips, we must first understand the conversion pyramid, which typically comprises five critical stages:


1. Functional

This comprises the first stage, meaning that the landing page has to be practical above all else. The landing page should be optimized to provide the visitor with an uninterrupted and smooth user experience. Cluttering and unfriendly functions must be done away with on priority.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility is a key factor to ensuring good landing page optimization. This requires to create a landing page that is impactful on your visitor no matter what device they access it from. The use of clever SEO techniques and other digital marketing strategies will bring this goal closer to fruition

3. Usable

If you think you have fulfilled the first 2 requirements, the next step is to make sure that your landing page is not difficult to navigate. Elements like confusing navigation keys, unnecessary clutter and banner blindness are a big no. Instead, focus on optimizing the landing page to suit all kinds of users that might visit your page.

4. Intuitive

While this 4th step seems vague, it is one of the most crucial elements of landing page optimization best practices. The point is: always make sure that your visitor understands your essence and brand instantly.

5. Persuasive

The use of CTAs is abundant in online marketing, but the need to reiterate should never be underestimated. A cleverly optimized call to action will render a powerful impact in bringing in those much-needed conversions for your company.

Get started with landing page optimization using these 2 key steps

In addition to the pyramid mentioned above, you should look into two essential steps in your sales conversion funnel.

  • The first one is trying to optimize for multiple traffic sources. It is a very efficient tactic to optimize your landing pages to satisfy each of your potential sources.

  • The second step involves experimenting with different on-page elements. Keeping the same standard, run-of-the-mill landing page visuals is as detrimental as having a leaky bucket.

Patch up those loopholes by implementing landing page optimization best practices. You can achieve this task by paying attention to and carefully optimizing each element on your landing page.


Landing Page optimization Best Practices to Increase Conversions

How does one go about creating a successful landing page? Contrary to popular opinion, landing page content doesn’t have to be complicated, and it requires some effort to ensure the page you’ve created completes the goals you want. To achieve that in the most efficient way possible, we bring you our expert landing page optimization best practices to boost your page’s performance.

1. Make scarcity offers

A big part of the marketing model of the current generation lies in creating a scarcity situation. The idea of scarcity encourages your landing page visitors to act now for fear of missing out if they wait.


Using terms like “hurry” and “limited-time offers” will ensure that your visitor understands the urgency of the purchase, and it will guide them to make a conversion-friendly decision. Always remember - a successful landing page isn’t only visually appealing; it also includes compelling offers that compel users to share personal information.

2. Optimize for Search Engines


A huge chunk of traffic online comes through organic search. What does this mean? People like you and me, looking for a “water bottle” perhaps, will search for something via search engines. When this is the primary traffic method, you must apply landing page optimization best practices to prime your landing page to be the answer they click.

In order to achieve that, it’s important to optimize your landing page for search engine rankings. Start by choosing relevant long-tail keyword for your landing page search engine optimization.

3. Bring back unsure customers with Exit Popups

Using exit popups is a quick and straightforward way of persuading your customers to convert into long-term customers one last time. Exit popups are lightbox popups that appear on your screen when visitors attempt to leave your landing page. Since they are less intrusive, they do wonders in reducing your landing page bounce and page abandonment.

Add incentives: Create eye-catching icons and strong CTAs to utilize this facility’s maximum potential.

4. Pay attention to the little details.

Whether you have a short or long landing page, taking care of the more minor things will ensure you get more conversions in the long run.

Firstly, it helps immensely to reduce landing page load time. As a well-proven fact, even a single second’s delay in page load time can cost your business at least 7% fewer conversions and 11% fewer page views.


Secondly, keeping your message consistent visually brings about that much-needed familiarity for the visitor, further prompting conversion-friendly behaviour.


Finally, keep distractions to a minimum by reducing the navigation buttons. Your customers are here to know about what you are selling to them. If they want to know about you and your brand, they can do it easily by visiting your actual website.


5. Simplicity is key

A crowded landing page may cause visitors to become distracted from the task. One landing page optimization best practice involves directing visitors to concentrate solely on your call to action (CTA). To achieve that, you must focus on making your landing page design essential, uncluttered, and straight to the point.


6. Repeat Your CTA on Long Pages

One of the most crucial landing page optimization best practices is to place your CTA at comfortable intervals throughout the page. Repeating your core message and CTA will reinforce your landing page’s purpose. Why is this so?


Understanding your visitor’s psyche is crucial. Every visitor requires a subjective time to believe what you’re selling to them, and keeping a CTA button placed at regular intervals will promote more conversion-oriented behaviour.

Want To Be Thorough? Here Is The Best Landing Page Optimization Checklist.

It’s vital not to go overboard with your high- converting landing page design. Your landing page’s primary goal is to deliver a laser-focused experience to help you achieve your landing page marketing campaign’s single conversion goal. We suggest that you redirect your efforts to creating specific landing pages that are clear about what they want to achieve.

To help you with the process, below mentioned are some primary landing page elements with practical examples that you can use as a checklist to implement landing page optimization best practices:

1. Create an Optimized Headline

An optimized landing page headline usually involves 3 base elements: clarity, user-friendliness, and relevance. This will convince visitors to stay on the page long enough to make conversion-friendly decisions. You can use this feature to explain the offer further, strengthening your legitimacy in the process.

To understand it better, check our landing page example.

Landing Page Example from Apexure:


It uses a sub-headline to explain its UVP, while the main headline explains what the offer does for users. It is simple: attract visitors and persuade them to click your call to action button by writing a headline that checks clarity, relevance, and empathy.

2. Develop an Optimized CTA Button

The Call to Action button is the element that gets you that crucial conversion-oriented action. Never underestimate this tiny element. A well-designed CTA button can direct visitors’ attention to the appropriate location, reduce page bouncing, and boost conversion rates.

Make your CTA buttons effective by applying some landing page optimization best practices. An example from Apexure given below will give you some visual perspective.

Landing Page Example from Apexure:


Through this example, you will see that the page includes the following four things:

Relevant CTA button Copy (The CTA button copy must apply to the page offer and talk about the visitor.), Optimum button size, contrasting colours, ample white space, strong visual cues, and finally, polished placement.

3. Make use of an Optimized Form

One of the critical rules of landing page optimization best practices is optimized landing page lead capture forms. We know that lead capture forms allow you to collect information about your visitors in exchange for a promised thing. However, an optimized post-click landing page form creates that crucial homely, trustworthy feeling that prompts visitors to feel comfortable when submitting their information.

Having appropriate form length, good accessibility, high trust, and clear organization are all landing page optimization best practices for creating optimized forms.

To understand this better, look at the landing page we created for our client.

Landing Page Example from Apexure:


You may note that most landing page optimization best practices have been included on the page. Furthermore, the landing page has an above-the-fold multi-step form. Multi-step forms are a great way to increase your chances of getting conversions. Why is this so?

This is because the psychological phenomenon of the Zeigarnik effect is in use - a reminder that involves bringing to incomplete attention tasks in an attempt to finish them. When visitors hit the CTA button, they are compelled to complete the form and achieve the conversion goal.

4. Optimizing Trust Elements

Gaining the customer’s trust has to be one of the biggest challenges any digital marketer can overcome. Landing page optimization best practices allow you to circumvent these problems by introducing easily applicable social proof elements. Two elements that make your post-click landing page credible are Trust seals and Customer Testimonials

Customer Badges and Trust Seals

Consumer badges are an example of how to establish customer trust. They give your page more credibility by demonstrating that your product or service has worked for other companies. This is accomplished by displaying the logos of your customers.

Landing Page Example from Apexure:


For the customer, the mention of big names like The Guardian and Bloomberg instantly brings an element of familiarity to your brand by your association with them.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are an extremely crucial element to include in your landing page. Customer testimonials directly recommend you and your services to new customers without making them seem tacky or biased.

Landing Page Example from Apexure:


If you see carefully, the use of other, unbiased human reviews makes the legitimacy and trustworthiness of Membermeister’s service much stronger.

5. Utilize Optimized Multimedia

The use of multimedia like images and videos serves a dual purpose in landing page optimization. Not only do they explain what your service provides, but they also add a much-needed visual element to the landing page.

To maximize multimedia’s potential on landing pages, it is imperative to optimize their use. Optimized landing page media should have the following essential characteristics:

  1. Relevance to the offer being promoted

  2. Good visual appeal

Check out these landing page examples where we have used images and video testimonials to showcase the client’s expertise.

Image Example from Apexure:


Note that these images are simple, relevant, and convey the message to the visitor. Above all, the photos have been optimized not to affect the landing page’s loading time.

Video Example from Apexure:


6. Write an Optimized Copy

The copy on your landing page is the second most important thing after the headline, and it is the element that explains to your customer the services you offer and what they need to do to get them. Your landing page copy must be attention-grabbing, straightforward, and in line with the headline that you have used.

Proceed to explain how the offer will help make their lives better, solve their problems and put an end to their pain. Focusing on benefits creates a positive frame of mind that will help with conversion-friendly decisions. Remember, no matter what you include in your copy, it must be readable and to the point.

Look at a successful, optimized copy created by us for a client.

7. Consistent A/B Testing

A/B or split testing allows you to make data-driven decisions about which elements on your landing page are most effective at driving conversions. By testing one element at a time, you can isolate the impact of each change and gradually optimize your landing page performance. It’s important to remember that A/B testing should be an ongoing process, as user behavior and preferences can change over time. It will help in enhancing the landing page experience over time.

LPO image 7.webp

8. Track and Analyze Your Results

To effectively implement landing page testing, it’s essential to gather data and insights from tools such as heat maps and Google Analytics. These tools provide valuable information on how users interact with your landing page, their exit paths and can help you identify areas for improvement.

Heat maps, for example, provide visual data reports of where users click, scroll, and hover on your landing page. Different types of heatmaps like confetti maps, scroll maps, etc., can make understanding and replicating conversion events easier. By analyzing heatmaps, you can see which elements of your page are receiving the most attention and which are being ignored.

Google Analytics provides data on user behavior, such as landing page bounce rate, time on page, and conversion rate. By analyzing this data, you can identify patterns and trends in how users interact with your landing page and determine which elements are contributing to conversions and which are causing users to leave your page.


By combining insights from landing page optimization tools like heat maps and Google Analytics, you can gain a more complete understanding of how users interact with your landing page and identify areas for improvement. This information can help you make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your landing page for better performance.

Landing Page Example from Apexure:


The language on the landing page above describes how the product’s benefits assist visitors in solving their difficulties. Use this platform to capture your visitors’ attention and trust simultaneously.

Create an Optimized Landing Page

To acquire the best leads and conversions, you must understand how to optimize each post-click landing page element and improve the user experience on the page. Now that you know everything there is to know about post-click landing page optimization, all there is left to know now is how to create your post-click landing page.

We are here to help with the process. At Apexure, our landing page specialists can optimize your landing page’s layout, copy, and design to improve the overall landing page experience and add relevance to the specific target audience to guarantee high conversion rates and better performance. Build high-converting landing pages for your next campaign to optimize your marketing efforts. Contact us for a call today.

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