No matter how great your website looks, at the end of the day your landing page engagement rate is the one that is capable of making or breaking the deal. When everyone’s life is full of the hustle and bustle, no one has time to go through the complete website when they visit it for the first time.

Hence, your paid search landing page needs to convey all the vital points to persuade the customer to stay for a longer time and help increase the conversion rate. Wondering how you can increase the landing page engagement rate? Here are the quick ten steps to curate an engaging landing page.

Before we step into the details with your data, one should know that Google Analytics has replaced the Bounce Rate with Engagement Rate. This new metric can help us funnel better reports, leading to better results.

What is an Engagement Rate?

Engagement Rate is the number of people wlanho ended up engaging with your page to the total number of sessions on the page. To identify the Engagement Rate, here’s the formula that you should keep in mind-

Engagement Rate= Engaged Sessions/Total Sessions* 100%


How do we consider a session an Engaging Session?

An Engaging session includes engaged sessions per user, total engaging sessions, and the engaged time.

One can consider a session as an engaged one if the user did any of the following things-

  • If they have stayed on the page for more than 10 seconds

  • Viewed the page more than one time

  • Led to conversion rate

What’s the difference between Engaged Session and Bounce Rate?


Bounce Rate reflects how many visitors came on the page but left it within 10 seconds or didn’t lead to any conversion rate. While Engaged Session gives a clear sense of how many interactive sessions took place compared to the entire sessions.

Engagement Rate helps observe customer actions and what led them to conversion rate or stick on the page for more than 10 seconds. These things can help build a high-converting landing page considering what customers like to do when they visit the specific page.

The results from Bounce Rate didn’t help identify the loopholes that led to an increment in this rate. At the same time, Engagement Rate helps form precise data and gives deep insights into customers’ activities. These factors can help build an engaging landing page.

What leads to a low Landing Page Engagement Rate?


Before jumping on to identify the solutions to improve the landing page engagement rate, let’s first identify the root problems that lead to the low Engagement rate of the landing page. The reasons can either be technical or strategical.

Technical reasons may include loading speed, unclear navigation, poor mobile optimization, etc. While strategic reasons include creative copy, low-quality images, or poor keywords. Let’s dive deep and explore each cause in detail-

Technical Reasons

Landing Page Loading Speed

Once customers click on the landing page, they will be curious to know more about the brand and the product/services. However, if the page’s loading speed is low, the excitement to explore something new can evade within seconds- leading to poor engagement or no conversion rate.

Unclear Navigation

If the user comes on the page, it’s essential to deliver clear messaging and direction of what can be found. But if the navigation is confusing or messy, a customer wouldn’t like to stay on the page.

Mobile Optimization

Be it any page, ensure that it can be optimized as per the device used. Make sure to always create a responsive landing page. Also, if the landing page opens as a website homepage on the phone, a viewer might not like it and lose interest in exploring more.

Strategic Reasons

Creative Copy

Believe it or not, the creative landing page copy has the power to convert every viewer into a customer. If your landing page has a boring copy or content-heavy structure like pillar pages, then the chances are that viewers will lose interest.

Low-Quality Images

If your landing page has low-quality images, then the chances are that it might not look appealing to a viewer. A user will always like to see pleasing and persuading images. Hence ensure that the photos used are of high quality and stock free.

Poor Keywords

It’s essential to use relevant keywords for the industry you’re working in. Some use an end number of keywords to get more viewers, not realizing that it can lead to a poor engagement rate.

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Steps To Improve Landing Page Engagement Rate

Now that you deeply understand the problem let’s explore ways to improve the landing page engagement rate. Here are ten steps that can effectively help you build an engaging landing page-

1. Build an eye-catching Headline

Fun fact: Your Headline takes most of your landing page space. Why not make it worth it? The Headline takes your user’s attention as soon as a viewer comes to your page. If your Headline turns out to be boring or not convincing, it can make a visitor go away quickly.

Here’s what you can do to make an eye-catching headline-

  • Keep it short and straightforward

  • Don’t use heavy words. Make sure that every type of viewer can understand it

  • Use practical and valuable keywords

  • Try using phrases like “free” or “exclusive” to get your attention

Here’s a landing page example for you-

“As little as $55000 can Rapidly Grow Your Portfolio!”

In this example, a clear message is delivered related to what a brand does, whether it’s affordable for you, and whether it’s hassle-free. They have used catchy phrases like “as little as” so that a customer can get an idea that they can build a portfolio at a minimal rate.

2. Organize your content for better navigation

We know you want your customers to learn everything at once. But, keep this in mind- Serve your customers with little yet valuable information to get the most out of it. Ensure that rather than sharing all the information, organize your page effectively for straightforward navigation.


Keep your Headline in the center, and build the flow interesting by sharing the services you offer. Next, let them know about your presence at varied locations and platforms. Make it more informative by sharing FAQs on the landing page.


With the clear CTA and straightforward navigation, it will be easy to build credibility among users and can also help improve the landing page engagement rate.

Here’s a landing page example for you-


In this example, it can be seen that a viewer can acquire new detailed information with every scroll.


They have started their page with a headline summarising who they are? And what are the services?. Later one can gain detailed information about funding if interested.

3. Natural images over stock images

If you want them to trust you, refrain from using stock images. It’s okay to use it in one or two places. However, a viewer might lose trust if your landing page is cluttered with stock images.

Arrange a shoot for your landing page to make it look more appealing and credible. Ensure that your images provide straightforward navigation to the viewer.

Here’s a landing page example for you-


They use their customer images as soon as you visit their landing page. It helps build curiosity and trust among new users. Natural photos can also help improve your landing page engagement rate.

4. Speed of the Page

This is considered the primary factor while aiming for a high landing page engagement rate. If your landing page takes heavy time to load, then the viewer will head back without even considering what your page has to offer. Ensure that your landing page doesn’t take much time to load.

5. Make it Unique


With an end number of competitors available in the market, it’s essential to curate a page that stands out in the crowd. Just by using the images and creative text, you can make your page look perfect but not unique. Hence, try using these things for a better landing page engagement rate-

  • Video - In a time of tik tok, reels, and YT shorts, we can’t simply rely on images. Videos build more interest among viewers, who prefer watching them on repeat over other things.

  • Animations - Just like video, animations also help create interactive sessions that can make a user stick on the page for a more extended period, helping you increase the landing page engagement rate.

Here’s a landing page example for you-


A video explaining who you are and what you do can help build more trust among consumers.

6. What’s your CTA?

Nowadays, users are sceptical about sharing their data with every page through cookies or unnecessarily signing in. Hence, they have become wary and thoughtful at the same time before transmitting the data to any website or landing page.

To help users get connected with you, it’s essential to have a CTA which is persuading and trustworthy at the same time. Ensure you build a creative copy that is way too different from simply asking them to Sign In!

Here’s a landing page example for you-


Craft an engaging CTA that makes users believe they might miss out on something valuable if they don’t sign-in.

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7. Keep it Simple!

Ensure you don’t ask too much when a user comes on your landing page. Ask for simple information like name, mail id, phone number, and basic relevant questions.

Keeping simple opt-in increases landing page engagement rate and doesn’t bother customers with sharing “too much” information.

Here’s a landing page example for you-


Asking for basic information and giving what customers want can help increase the landing page engagement rate and also make it easy for a user to explore without putting in the extra effort.

8. Say no to Jargon!

Improving the landing page engagement rate will be challenging if you keep using Jargon while writing the copy or page content.

Instead of using heavy and complicated words, I prefer targeting simple and searchable keywords. This will help you get more users and lead to a better landing page engagement rate.

9. Colors speak louder than words!


Imagine creating a page full of colours, but the target audience is people who are 50+. We know what the outcome will be. Always craft a page that has pleasing colours. You don’t have to make it look colourful; choose one or two solid colours with your page tone. If you want your CTA to stand out, you can try using gradient colour for the same.

10. White spaces will help you the most!

We know you want your customers to know everything about your page. But cluttering out your landing page won’t get you anywhere. Instead, try sharing minimum information and using white spaces to make it more readable and increase the landing page engagement rate.

Here’s a landing page example for you-


White space makes it look more spacious and readable. As seen in this image, clear boxes are curated and divided with white colour and minimal shadow.

This reflects a premium image of the page and also makes it easier for a user to understand what the page is about, and also gives them clear navigation. If one has used any other pop-up colour, there are chances that the user might lose interest quickly and switch to a better and inspirational landing page design.

Do You Want Better Landing Page Engagement Rate?

Aiming to increase your landing page engagement rate is one of the crucial things that everyone should consider. Keeping all the factors mentioned above can help you curate a landing page design that will be effective for users and your business. Your priority should be to make things easier for the user so that they come again and again to the page and for your services.

Still, wondering how to start? We have got your back. We can help you fix landing page UX issues and create lead-generation landing pages that engage visitors. Want to know more? Contact us here.

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