Any outbound marketing effort you make must be good enough to make people open your ad. Once a click happens, some might celebrate already. But no, they can’t…yet. After a user clicks on an advertisement, companies must have a post-click landing page ready.

The advent of technology, coupled with AI, has revolutionized the marketing landscape. It enables precise demographic targeting and bespoke personalization for agencies and marketers. However, their role transcends the mere selling of ads to prospects, promoting a more discerning marketing approach.

Remember that striking a balance is critical here. While pre-click optimization matters, overemphasizing it could lead to ineffective clicks – a waste of advertising funds and a source of stress.

So, here’s the secret: The more time and resources you allocate toward optimizing the post-click landing pages, the higher the chances that conversion rates increase. But how exactly do you do that?

Read on to learn more.

What is a Post-Click Landing Page?

A post-click landing page, more commonly known in current marketing parlance as simply a ‘landing page,’ is a webpage a user ‘lands’ on after clicking an advertisement or a promotional link.

These landing pages aim to convince visitors to take specific actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, or booking a service. These actions are driven by well-crafted content and enticing CTAs that complement their interest sparked by the initial ad.

The main goal, of course, is to convert these visitors into customers. With a well-executed landing page strategy, the conversion rates can significantly improve.

Now, let’s see how Google Ads defines landing pages:


According to Google, your landing pages can be anything from your homepage to your service or product pages.

But that’s not all of it yet. Here, Google adds:


The essence of a successful post-click landing page strategy lies in its relevance, ease of navigation, and impactful links. Can a generic homepage or a product page effectively meet these essential conditions to achieve a high-quality score for ads?

We don’t think so.

Why You Need a Post-Click Landing Page?

Understanding the ‘why’ behind having a post-click landing page can redefine your online marketing. It’s more than a webpage; it’s a powerful tool for conversion. Let’s dive deeper to unlock its potential and how it can enhance your marketing strategy.

Before Users Click and After They Click

A user’s journey from clicking an ad to becoming a customer is divided into two parts. Let’s delve into what these stages entail:


  • The pre-click experience is all about enticing the user to click on an ad. Marketers create engaging ad copies, choose appropriate images, and target the right audience to generate clicks.

  • The post-click experience, on the other hand, is what happens after the user clicks the ad. In this phase, marketers work on developing a user-friendly landing page, crafting persuasive content, and presenting relevant offers to convert clicks into sales or actions.

Just like a captivating headline draws a reader into an article, an irresistible ad prompts a user to click. However, it doesn’t end there: akin to compelling text retaining reader interest, a well-constructed landing page can transform casual browsers into dedicated customers.

Core Components of a Good Post-Click Landing Page Strategy

Just because it’s good doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to create. An optimal post-click landing page strategy is linked to three major factors, as listed below:


1. Efficient Personalization

It essentially means tailoring your ads to suit a specific demographic’s interests, dynamics, and preferences.

With a diverse demographic base, adopting a ‘one size fits all’ landing page approach can lead to subpar conversion rates. Instead, personalized landing pages targeted to each demographic increase the chances of conversion manifold.

To achieve relevant personalization, you need to create a buyer persona. Here are three simple steps to do that:

  1. Identify demographic information such as age, gender, location, and income.

  2. Understand their challenges and interests.

  3. Determine where and how they consume information.

With these steps, you can create an ad campaign that truly resonates with your target audience.

2. Prioritizing Optimization

Optimization usually involves two central tasks: testing and user research.

Testing involves various forms, such as A/B testing, where two landing page versions are compared to determine which performs better. Then, there’s multivariate testing, which simultaneously tests multiple variables within a page. Usability testing is another crucial aspect, ensuring the landing page functions across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Meanwhile, to conduct efficient user research, you can implement online surveys, conduct interviews, and perform user testing. Product reviews and social media also provide invaluable insights into your audience.

Optimizing your landing page based on such data increases your chances of successfully converting visitors into customers. All improvements should be backed by data and genuine user feedback rather than assumptions or untested hypotheses.

That’s why a solid CRO (conversion rate optimization) strategy is indispensable for successful landing page optimization. Here at Apexure, we utilize the EPIC CRO strategy, specifically designed to prioritize tests based on their expected value.

For a comprehensive understanding of our EPIC CRO strategy, we invite you to explore: CRO Testing: Everything You Need To Maximize Conversions.

3. Scalable Efforts

Simply put, scalability means being ready to handle growth. Your efforts should be future-proof to support the expanding scale of your operations and user base.

It involves employing adaptable UX (user experience) designs, building flexible and reusable content, and making data-driven decisions. The goal is to grow your conversions and engagement at a rate that matches or surpasses your company’s expansion.

It’s about proactively preparing for more users, traffic, and conversions. After all, isn’t growth what we’re all aiming for?

5 Best Post-Click Landing Pages To Inspire You

To give you a good look at post-click optimization, we’ll let you in for an exclusive look at some of the best post-click landing pages that Apexure has built.

1. Emerge Global’s Post-Click Landing Page

Emerge has a post-click landing page worth your attention thanks to its compelling hero section, trust indicators, and visually catching design.


What we love about this post-click landing page:

  • Heading: Efficiency in simplicity. The headline is direct and uses powerful terms to grab the interest of their target audience, sparking the curiosity that led them to the landing page.

  • Minimal Internal Links: A feature that elevates a post-click landing page’s effectiveness is limited navigation. The fewer distractions, the higher the chance for visitors to take desired actions.

  • Sleek Design: The layout is navigable and visually pleasing, ensuring crucial information like testimonials and class-related modules aren’t overlooked. It’s not just content delivery; it’s an experience.

2. Active Smile’s Post-Click Landing Page

A product-focused post-click landing page is an outstanding example of maintaining product integrity without overwhelming visitors.

And here, Active Smile’s page masterfully features the brand’s prominent images and comprehensive information, making it a noteworthy example.


What we love about this post-click landing page:

  • Product-Centric Design: The use of various product images under different lighting conditions simplifies the decision-making process for visitors and assures them they’ve landed in the correct place. It swiftly communicates, using the universal language of visuals.

  • Mobile Optimization: The landing page elements have been engineered to deliver a seamless experience across all devices. This level of platform versatility ensures maximum audience engagement and increases conversion probability, regardless of the device used.

  • Embracing the Competition: Active Smile is confident enough to feature a detailed competitor comparison table. It doesn’t shy away from the competition but emphasizes its Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), reinforcing why its product is the superior choice.

3. Wizcore’s Post-Click Landing Page

This post-click landing page for Wizcore’s SAP training exemplifies how to engage a specific audience. By providing segmented information, it draws in high-quality leads.


What we love about this post-click landing page:

  • Visitor-focused: From the get-go, the content is crafted to speak directly to a distinct audience. The hero section immediately addresses potential concerns by assuring help with recruiting and hands-on experience, making it a solution-oriented landing page.

  • Easy-to-Fill Form: The simplicity of a three-field form eases the user experience. What stands out is the header that highlights a free offer, an enticing catch for visitors.

  • Interactive Touch: A live chat option adds a conversational element to the page, providing instant responses to specific queries — a feature that further personalizes the user experience.

4. Wealth Hub Australia’s Post-Click Landing Page

For those seeking to perfect their advertorial post-click landing pages, this is an example worth your attention. Its approach to top-of-the-funnel lead targeting is effective, engaging, and informative.


What we love about this post-click landing page:

  • Educational Approach: This strategy educates visitors about your offerings, particularly those at the top of the sales funnel. By sparking visitors’ interest in learning more, it motivates them to click on the CTA button.

  • Interactive Features: With interactive elements like tables and maps leading to a simple quiz, users can gain a more in-depth understanding of their income tax savings. This approach keeps the visitor engaged while providing value.

  • Accessible Help: A click-to-call button is a great alternative if a live chat option is not possible. It’s an essential feature that allows users to reach out for assistance quickly, further enhancing their experience.

5. Rocket Money’s Post-Click Landing Page

Rocket Money showcases a sharp, no-nonsense approach to designing a potent post-click landing page. Despite its brevity, it effectively communicates the brand’s key selling points.


What we love about this post-click landing page:

  • Punchy Headline: Nothing beats a headline that clearly conveys the essentials. Add a well-crafted subheading to this mix, and you’ve effectively encouraged visitors to fill out your form.

  • Compelling USP Area: Following the hero section, visitors encounter a concise, compelling USP section. It quickly encapsulates why Rocket Money is a game-changer, highlighting its unique offerings.

  • Quantified Testimonials: Rocket Money cleverly transforms voluminous customer feedback into quantified social proof. This method lets you spotlight customer satisfaction while conserving precious landing page real estate.

Where is the Proof That Post-Click Landing Pages Actually Work?

If there’s a lingering question about the effectiveness of post-click landing pages, trust that evidence lies in well-documented success stories. But where do you find these proofs? We’ve got you.

Case Study 1: A 20% Conversion Rate on a Post-Click Landing Page

Sometimes, the most minor changes make the most significant impact. What if we told you that a minor form tweak could drastically drive the conversion rate? It sounds too good to be true, right? But that’s precisely what happened with Affordable Health Coverage.

In an innovative approach, they utilized geolocation to streamline their form completion process, pre-populating fields like Zip, State, and City based on a visitor’s location. What may seem like a simple optimization held the power to improve user interaction dramatically. The result? A soaring conversion rate that rocketed to 20%.


To implement this change, our team at Apexure integrated some plugins and followed Affordable Health’s insights on optimizing their pages. It shows that understanding your users and implementing smart, custom changes goes a long way.

Interested in the whole journey? Then you should check out the full case study: Partnering with Affordable Health Coverage Today.

Case Study 2: A 27.89% Conversion Rate on a Post-Click Landing Page

Board Agenda’s primary objective was to create an event-specific post-click landing page aimed at UK board directors and senior executives. With a clear understanding of their target audience’s preferences and needs, they strategically crafted their page design and copy.

The outcome was a conversion rate of an impressive 27.89%. Thus, truly understanding your audience’s preferences and tailoring your page to match can yield inspiring results.


Read the full case study here: Creating a Conversion Focused Landing Page for Board Agenda.

Ready to Build Amazing Post-Click Landing Pages?

It’s time about time that you extend your marketing prowess beyond the ads. Upgrade your campaign potency by honing both pre-click and post-click experiences. Let data-driven A/B tests of headlines, CTAs, and other personalized post-click landing page components inform your strategy.

As you embark on this journey, consider a five-time Clutch-awardee agency with an impactful portfolio that underscores its expertise in crafting conversion-optimized landing pages – that’s Apexure.

Contact us, and let’s turn your campaigns into conversion powerhouses together!


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