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Creating a Conversion Focused Landing Page for Board Agenda

Board Agenda
An independent media brand focused on corporate governance
Company Size
5+ Professionals

Board Agenda is an independent media brand focused on corporate governance.

Which provides incisive journalism, expert insight and intelligence about the key issues that are shaping the responsibility and practices of corporate boards & the role of directors who serve on them, across the world.

They approached our agency to create a conversion-focused landing page for UK board directors and senior corporate executives of PLCs and companies with more than 250 employees, exclusive of service providers and consultancies.


The project’s primary objective was to create a landing page that would engage and convert the target audience of UK board directors and senior corporate executives their marketing efforts.

The client provided detailed requirements for the landing page, including a focus on professional design, a multi-step registration form, and pop-ups for additional information about featured speakers.


To address the client’s objectives, our agency created a professional, high-quality design that complemented the client’s brand.

We added a multi-step registration form that asked for information step by step to reduce friction and improve the user experience. We also included pop-ups for extra information about featured speakers, which likely helped increase the conversion rate. The leads were synced with the client’s CRM to ensure effective follow-up and conversion.


The project results were successful in terms of the conversion rate, with 82 conversions out of 294 visitors, resulting in a conversion rate of 27.89%.


Our agency created a professional, conversion-focused landing page for Board Agenda

that resonated with the target audience of UK board directors and senior corporate executives. Using a multi-step registration form and pop-ups to provide additional information about featured speakers likely helped to increase the conversion rate.

Additionally, the integration with the client’s CRM system helped to ensure that leads were captured and followed up with effectively. Based on this project, our agency has gained valuable insights into best practices for designing and optimizing landing pages to increase conversion rates.

Trevor Pryer CEO

The landing page design Apexure created was first-rate and well-suited to our target audience. The attention to detail on messaging and layout was of a very high standard. How it was set up with our CRM also worked seamlessly. All round a very good experience, and I'd highly recommend Apexure services.

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