Shopify is home to over a million stores, grossing a gigantic $319 million in sales across all vendors. Whether you have a small start-up or are an established retailer, Shopify is the ideal host for your e-commerce website. Shopify dominates e-commerce site generation because it is easy to use, gives you access to multiple themes, is well-priced and fully-hosted, and is also compatible with other platforms like Amazon and social media sites.

When setting up your digital store, a landing page on Shopify - or preferably several is simply a must-have for building an online presence and boosting sales. Using a landing page on Shopify is a well-established, versatile, digital marketing strategy

In this post, we will be talking about how creating a well designed, campaign-specific, conversion-driven Shopify landing page can help you achieve your goals.

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Why a Landing Page on Shopify is Essential

Many e-commerce retailers don’t see the need to use landing pages. Instead, they direct customers directly to a product description page (PDP).

Research conducted by Monetate shows that directing clients to a landing page resulted in double the conversion rate as directing them to a PDP. This increase in conversion resulted in a proportional increase in revenue.

1. Separate Yourself From The Crowd

The average online shopper is inundated with different providers from which to buy. The sheer quantity of online retailers puts pressure on individual e-commerce websites to stand out from the crowd. Using a Shopify landing page can help you to establish your brand image, giving you a chance to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

When establishing your online presence, it is important that your branding is consistent across different online platforms. One way this can be done is by running ad campaigns across major sites. Ensure that the design of these ads is continuous despite the platform. Linking these ads to your landing pages on Shopify with consistent design and copy with your ads helps to solidify this brand awareness. The advantage of this is simple, customers buy from brands they trust, and they trust brands they know.


2. Pull Traffic From Multiple Sources

A Shopify landing page campaign allows you to pull traffic from different sources. We’ve spoken about encompassing different online platforms into your digital campaign strategy. You can take this a step further by integrating links to your landing page on Shopify in emails, social media posts, as well as multi-platform ad campaigns.

Pulling traffic from different sources is crucial because it widens your potential reach. Simply put, different sources means more people see your ad, which should result in more views on your Shopify landing page. The more views you get, the more conversions you get. For example, imagine that you were running a television ad campaign. The more channels that air your ad, the more consumers see and hopefully the more sales you make. A multiplatform digital marketing strategy follows this same logic.

You can also utilise the traffic from your website by directing traffic from your Shopify site to your landing page on Shopify. This has two distinct benefits. Firstly, you are tapping into an extra source of traffic. Secondly, customers who are on your website have shown interest in your brand which could make them more likely to convert. In other words, these leads are already ‘warm’.


3. A Landing Page on Shopify Helps You To Tell A Congruent Story

If you are running an ad campaign about your seasonal blowout sale, but merely direct your customer to a generic PDP, visitors are likely to be confused and just bounce back. Using a landing page on Shopify helps increase the relevance of your ad campaign - because the customer lands on a page tailored to the ad they just followed. You can create several landing pages - one for each campaign helping you to maintain the consistency of your message.

4. Focus On One Product At A Time

The campaign-specific nature of your landing page on Shopify allows you to showcase your different products. If you have more than one product it is easy for some to fall by the wayside. Designing specific landing pages on Shopify for each gives you the opportunity to ensure all your products are presented optimally - and thus improve sales across the board.


5. Directly Target Your Buyer Persona

The beauty of a landing page on Shopify is that you don’t have just one. You have a new Shopify landing page for each new campaign. This helps you to create a landing page on Shopify targeted to your buyer persona, and the subsets thereof. This specificity drives conversion.

Defining Your Buyer Persona For Your Landing Page On Shopify

Who is your perfect buyer? Defining the characteristics of your typical customer or your ‘buyer persona’ can help you to direct your marketing strategies. Your buyer persona should be a research-backed working estimate of your target audience not merely a guess of who you think your customer is. Include real data about your current customer base:

  • Demographics - geographic location, income bracket, age, and gender

  • Where they came from - what traffic source

  • Identifiers - common personal characteristics

  • Behavioural patterns

Once you have collected this data you will be able to see how your product meets this person’s needs. You may find that there are several distinctive subsets, you may have more than one buyer persona. For example, if you run an exercise equipment site you may find that you attract both those who are already physically fit and those who are beginners and don’t know how to start their fitness journey.

Using the same ad campaign to attract these different personas is unlikely to be very successful.


6. Convert, Convert, Convert

A landing page on Shopify is built for one reason, and one alone - to convert your customers. Sending potential buyers directly to your website is not as effective as sending them to a Shopify landing page that is specifically made to meet their needs.

Conversion Centric Design

Furthermore, your Shopify landing page should be <a href=”” target=”_blank” class>optimised for conversions</a>. There are a few simple design techniques you can employ to optimize your Shopify landing page:

  • Remove distractions from your landing pages.

    Remember, you are asking your visitor to do something. Distractions from that CTA such as external links, site navigation, or multiple CTAs may cause your visitor to navigate away before they have had a chance to convert.

  • Keep your copy to the point.

    A long, verbose passage about your product even if it’s well written and engaging can intimidate your visitor away - leading to higher bounce rates. Easy to read, scannable copy is essential to success. You will have plenty of more opportunities to share information after conversion. Using multimedia features such as pictures and videos will help you to share more information while keeping your word-count low.

  • Make sure your ad and your landing page on Shopify tell a congruent story.

    An ad for laptops that leads to a landing page entitled “Cutting Edge Kitchen Appliances” is going to set alarm bells off in your visitor’s mind. They may think they’ve clicked the wrong link or that the landing page is some kind of scam - either way, they bounce back.

  • To convert, convert, convert you must test, test, test.

    We’ll go into more detail about landing page testing later on.

Segmenting Your Shopify Landing Page Traffic

Using a landing page on Shopify, you can create a personalized shopping experience for each buyer. The personalized shopping journey helps you to drive consumers to conversion by showing them products that best suits their needs. Hesitant buyers may want extra product information sent to them, while a client at the end of their buyer’s journey may just need to be directed to a sales orientated landing page.

You can achieve this by using multiple ads and each with a corresponding Shopify landing page for different products or campaigns can help you to direct customers to your landing page on Shopify that best suits their needs.


7. Constantly Improve Your Sales By Testing Your Shopify Landing Page

Sadly, many companies don’t utilize the full conversion potential of their landing pages. So, you have designed a Shopify landing page and obviously, you are confident that it is perfectly optimized for conversion. This is not to say that the original landing page was not good. Even a Shopify landing page that is performing well, can always be improved.

Landing Page Testing

Testing your landing pages is the best way to optimize your landing page on Shopify. Landing page testing involves analyzing how viewers interact with your page

  • Using A/B Split Testing and its Variants.
    The principle behind A/B testing is simple. Split testing involves simultaneously launching two or more variations of the same landing page. When a client clicks on your ad they will be randomly directed to one of the variants of your landing page on Shopify. After your pages have been active for some time, you can compare the conversion rates. In this way, you can optimize each design element on your Shopify landing page. This isn’t something that can be easily achieved with a PDP.

  • Heat Maps In addition to split testing, you can use heat maps. These show you where users click on your Shopify landing page. This can highlight which elements are working well, but more importantly what isn’t.

We’ve only discussed landing page testing very briefly - there are many variations on these tests. We have just mentioned the basic principles.


8. Using A Landing Page on Shopify Is More Mobile Friendly

When conducting your business online, user experience is paramount. It is so easy for a client to bounce back and take their business elsewhere. Your customers don’t commit to purchasing just by browsing your site. This is one of the ways how online shopping differs from the traditional retail experience. A client who has made the effort to travel to your store has shown more readiness to buy than a person who just stumbled upon an online ad.

A landing page on Shopify is more mobile-friendly than just directing traffic to your site. This greatly improves the shopping experience for your mobile shoppers. Being mobile-friendly is particularly significant when you consider the number of smartphone users in the world today (2022) is 6.648 billion. Perhaps this is what prompted Google to change to a mobile-first index.

The ‘M-Commerce Gap’

Recent studies show that 55% less likely to make a purchase on their phones than on their desktop. This has a lot to do with the mobile user’s experience being subpar when compared to the experience on a desktop. Users cite several reasons for this:


  • Security concerns

  • Not being able to view multiple screens

  • Not being able to easily navigate

  • Not being able to see enough product information

By directing the user to a mobile-friendly landing page on Shopify, you can circumvent some of these issues and improve mobile conversions - hopefully closing the ‘m-commerce gap’.

Using a landing page a Shopify is a proven strategy to drive customer engagement and most importantly, sales. Yet, it’s essential to note that just having a landing page a Shopify is not enough. Your landing pages need to be optimized for conversion. Contact us at Apexure for bespoke landing pages.

We are focused on driving conversion, increasing your return on investment.


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