Shopify landing page examples

Turn your Shopify store into a Selling machine.

How will I increase sales of my Shopify store? It’s a question that every customer asks us. So we put together a guide that will help you understand the basics to get more sales. So without wasting time, let’s start.

The most important part is the landing page as you don’t want to waste those hard-earned ad clicks and waste all the money you spend on ads.

  • The key factors to start selling on a Shopify landing page:

    1. Headlines

    A powerful headline sparks attention and attracts visitors to further go through the page. Headlines are like the soul of any landing page; a good one keeps it alive while a bad one makes things worse.

    2. Clarity

    It is probably the most underrated factor. If you use fancy text, images, graphics on your landing page but your audience is not able to understand what you are offering, then it is of no use. To make a better impact make things simple and straightforward so that it becomes easy to understand.

    3. Usability

    Is your landing page user friendly? Is it easy for any visitor to determine where he is, how he can go back, and where to find the next step? It can be done with good page navigation and site maps.

    4. Clear CTA

    It is important that you clearly state your ‘Call to Action’. Every page should have only one CTA. CTA can be displayed multiple times on a page however their action must be the same, for example, buy now, sign up, etc

    5. The overall flow of the page

    This includes the copy and images of the page. All the sections of the landing page are connected to have the attention of the visitor and help in warming up the audience.

    6. Bonus

    Here are some other strategies you can use to boost sales based on the principle of persuasion

    7. Scarcity

    It creates a sense of urgency and can be quantity driven or time driven. It is effective because people will rather make quick decisions than risk missing out on a deal.

Now that we have covered the importance of landing pages and its key factors, it is important to point out that Shopify has different types of landing pages that are used for different products. How do you choose which one is best for you? We have made it simple so that you fully understand and make the right decision.

Which type of Shopify landing page to use and when?

To start with, we have

  • Traditional Shopify Product Page

    It provides all the necessary details in one frame so that people don’t scroll down. They are highly image focused with very little copy. All the copy is about the product, showing its quality and details in the form of bullets. This type of landing page should be used if the product can be better described with images and few words. It can also be used for repeat buyers or when you already did a pre-sell before this page.

  • A long-form Shopify Landing page

    The aim is to persuade visitors to buy This type of landing page consists of lots of images, copy, and conversion elements. It starts with an introduction then educates the visitor about the product before showing them the offer. A long-form landing page is used when the product needs a demonstration of how well it works or needs more convincing before buying. Note: Long-form Landing pages work best if you have a good copywriter and marketing manager.

  • Site form Shopify landing page

    This is a long-form landing page distributed into small pages with proper navigation that works best for single item brands.

Platforms To Build Your Shopify Page

Now you know which type of landing page to use that fits best for your product. Let’s talk about how you can build your own Shopify landing page and which platform to use.

  • The simplest and easiest way is by using Shopify’s collection feature. You can use this feature by visiting the collection page when logged in to your Shopify admin account. This feature allows you to group products into categories to make it easier for visitors to find what they want.

  • By using any of the six Shopify landing page apps The best apps to build your own Shopify landing page hassle-free

    • Shopify
    • Page fly
    • GemPages
    • Zipify Pages
    • Hyper visual
    • Lead Slide

If you find it challenging to build your landing page from scratch, you can use these apps that have Shopify templates ready to use for you. Note: all the apps have their page builder and cost.

  • Use the Shopify’s buy button feature on any third party website building tool. Shopify’s buy button feature allows you to easily embed a buy link, shopping cart, or collection or a product directly to any page or website built on any tool like Unbounce. You can build a high converting Shopify landing pages using third-party tools. The main reason to build using third party tools are

    • By using any tool, you can create any landing page without any boundaries while seamlessly managing your inventory and purchasing funnel directly through Shopify. Third-party website tools like Unbounce give a range of features that can be used to increase sales.

    • By Hiring a Professional team If you build your Shopify landing page and you are not getting sales or you are new to eCommerce landing pages and find it challenging to build landing pages. Then we highly recommend hiring a professional team to design your Shopify landing page for you. Make sure you hire someone who has experience building landing pages for Shopify. If the team has a copywriter, it will save you money as you don’t have to hire a copywriter separately.

Get More Sales with a Faster Landing Page

Shopify landing page examples
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Turn your Shopify store into a Selling machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much should I pay for a Shopify Landing Page?


    Landing pages are the secret sauce of the world’s most successful eCommerce companies. They allow for hyper-focused marketing that can engage specific customer segments and drive them to take action.

  • Why do landing pages convert better than product pages?


    eCommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate. A paradigm shift is happening in terms of how shoppers buy products - resulting in a near tripling of growth in online sales (from 2019 to 2020).

  • How does Facebook Ad traffic influence your landing page design?


    The most powerful reason to use landing pages is that they can be carefully-customised to your specific campaign, conversion goals, and type of visitor.

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