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eCommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate. A paradigm shift is happening in terms of how shoppers buy products - resulting in a near tripling of growth in online sales (from 2019 to 2020).

With that growth comes increased competition, and increased competition means your visitors are being exposed to more options. That means you need to work harder to convert them.

To do that, you need to stop driving traffic to product detail pages.

'Wait, what?’ you might ask. How else can you sell your products?

Landing pages. Landing pages are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Landing pages outperform product pages by far - often seeing double-digit conversion rates. In fact, landing pages bring in than product detail pages; companies like Nike and Leesa have used landing pages to dominate their respective markets.

Landing Page vs. Product Detail Page

What’s the difference, exactly? A landing page is a dedicated page with a singular conversion goal for the specific campaign and audience. Companies can create hundreds of landing pages to serve a very specific purpose for the point in the sales funnel. They are distraction-free and hyper-focused on one, desirable action.

A product detail page is an eCommerce page for a specific product. It is traffic-agnostic - meaning it is designed for every visitor, but not focused on anyone in specific. They are typically filled with one-size-fits-all product information, links, and potential distractions.

Why do landing pages perform so well for eCommerce?

Simply put, they allow you to engage every visitor in a more personalised way, expose them to the information they need at their place in your sales funnel, and drive them to take one desirable action.

Engage visitors in a personalised experience The customer journey is far more complex than a website visit > product purchase. Your customer goes through multiple stages of awareness before purchasing and needs different information at every step. Landing pages allow you to offer them a more relevant, helpful online experience for their step of the journey.

Customised Information - The more landing pages, the more customised you can get with your targeting. Landing pages also allow you to dynamically change your content depending on your visitor’s demographics, search terms, and previous on-site behaviour.

Highly Targeted Content - Landing pages are tailored to traffic for different stages of the sales funnel. Top of funnel landing pages are more informative with softer (lower-investment) call-to-actions. Bottom of funnel pages are more sales-oriented with product purchase call-to-actions. This allows you to tailor your approach to your audience’s needs, maximising their chances of converting.

Product Storytelling - Unlike product pages, landing pages give you the real estate to weave a compelling story about your product and brand. The focus isn’t pure information but helping shoppers imagine how their lives will improve with your product.

Focus their attention on one conversion goal Online shopping is filled with distractions. This has a hugely negative impact on online sales as shoppers are exposed to an explosion of information on your website. Landing pages allow this attention to be directed intentionally, maximising your chances of converting in the process.

Persuasive Content - Landing pages allow you to focus on benefits-oriented copy and impactful design that focuses on compelling your visitors to convert.

One Call-To-Action - Unlike product pages, landing pages typically contain a single, highly-relevant and desirable call-to-action. One, relevant call-to-action outperforms multiple generic call-to-actions.

Minimal Distractions - Most web pages have dozens of URL links, navigation links, pop-ups, etcetera. Landing pages refine this down to only the necessary information and visuals, keeping your visitor focused on what matters most.

The path to competitive eCommerce growth is paved with the stones of personalisation - offering your visitors a more relevant, engaging online shopping experience that matches their needs and desires. Landing pages are one of the most effective ways for eCommerce companies to achieve this.

We specialise in creating conversion-oriented landing pages for Shopify stores. Ready to take the first step? Get in touch.

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Shopify landing page examples
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much should I pay for a Shopify Landing Page?


    Landing pages are the secret sauce of the world’s most successful eCommerce companies. They allow for hyper-focused marketing that can engage specific customer segments and drive them to take action.

  • Why do landing pages convert better than product pages?


    eCommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate. A paradigm shift is happening in terms of how shoppers buy products - resulting in a near tripling of growth in online sales (from 2019 to 2020).

  • How does Facebook Ad traffic influence your landing page design?


    The most powerful reason to use landing pages is that they can be carefully-customised to your specific campaign, conversion goals, and type of visitor.

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