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Creating Conversion-Focused Landing Pages for CraverApp

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Craver is a startup that provides intelligent ordering and customer engagement services for local restaurants.

As a new entrant in the market, they were looking to increase their online visibility and generate more leads by creating a high-converting landing page in Hubspot.

They approached our agency to create a conversion-focused landing page for the target audience; Local Restaurants and Cafes.


The main challenge was to create a landing page that not only looked great but also optimized for conversion.

This meant making the page easily editable, ensuring that it loaded quickly, and including strong calls-to-action that encouraged visitors to take action.


We started by conducting a thorough analysis of Craver’s target audience, understanding their pain points, and designing a landing page that resonated with them

The page was designed in Hubspot, which allowed us to create a visually stunning page that was also easily editable. We focused on creating a clean and minimal design, using high-quality images, and placing strong calls-to-action above the fold to encourage visitors to take action.

To optimize the page for speed, we used optimization tools, which allowed us to compress images, minify code, and leverage browser caching. We also tested the page on multiple devices and browsers to ensure that it was responsive and loaded quickly.


Our efforts paid off, with the landing page generating significant results for Craver. Within the first month of launching the page, Craver saw a significant increase in leads, with many of these leads converting into paying customers. The page’s bounce rate also decreased significantly, indicating that visitors were engaging with the content and taking action.


By creating a high-converting landing page in Hubspot

Craver was able to increase their online visibility and generate more leads, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue. The page’s success was due to a combination of a visually stunning design, fast loading times, and strong calls-to-action that encouraged visitors to take action. By continuously testing and optimizing the page, Craver can continue to see significant results in the future.

Zuki Majuqwana Director of Marketing

The Apexure team have been a real pleasure to work with - they deliver high-quality work turned and can work to tight timelines. They communicate frequently & clearly and are really easy to work with! I highly recommend.

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