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Optimizing Clinical Trials with a High-Impact Landing Page

Radicle Science
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Radicle Science is a company that is revolutionising clinical trials for natural products.

They wanted to reach a goal of 10,000 enrolled participants, and they approached our agency to help them design and optimise a landing page to achieve this objective.


The project’s primary purpose was to leverage social media marketing’s power to reach the target audience and encourage them to enroll in clinical trials for natural products.

Specifically, the client wanted to reach 10,000 enrolled participants through the new landing page.


To address the client’s objectives, our agency followed a comprehensive process that involved

gathering requirements, drawing a wireframe, designing a mockup, building the landing page, setting up tracking pixels, and launching the page.

We worked closely with the client to gather detailed information about their target audience, offer, and campaign goal. We then developed a wireframe and mockup to help the client visualise the layout and design of the landing page. After finalising the design, we built the landing page in a landing page builder and set up tracking pixels to track both qualitative and quantitative data. Finally, we launched the page after going through a 30-point quality assurance checklist.


The results of the project were impressive. For one of the landing pages we designed, we received 6,649 visitors and 3,443 conversions, resulting in a conversion rate of 51.78%. This high conversion rate is a testament to the effectiveness of the landing page design and optimisation.

Conversion Rate

Overall, Apexure was able to help Radicle Science achieve its objective of reaching 10,000 enrolled participants through a high-converting landing page.

We worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive process that addressed their specific requirements and goals. The success of this project highlights the importance of developing a solid wireframe and mockup before building a landing page, optimising the page based on real-time data and feedback, and leveraging social media and other marketing channels to drive traffic and improve conversion rates. We thank Radicle Science for their positive feedback and look forward to helping future clients achieve similar results.

Grace Lightfoot Director Communication

Thank you very much! We are very grateful for the awesome landing pages you designed for us and all of your ongoing support!

The winner for our last campaign was able to convert at 51%! I would be happy to share this with any of your future clients.

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