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Apexure has considerable experience working alongside many global digital agencies.

Through partnering with the agencies, Apexure offers additional support, expertise and resources to their in-house teams and their clients, particularly in instances where specialist skills are required. As such, it was a natural fit for Apexure to support Ledger Bennett in delivering a world-leading client service.

Nonetheless, outsourcing work to a partner initially came with concerns for Ledger Bennett; they were sceptical about the confidentiality of data and the communication between both teams.

Apexure reassured them by detailing their client confidentiality and transparency processes. Moreover, with substantial expertise in partnering with agencies, Apexure is able to integrate their team into other agency environments with ease thanks to their agile and flexible workforce.


Whilst Ledger Bennett’s award-winning team have good knowledge of UX design for website design at this time they had limited availability within their internal team.

So, to kickstart the relationship, Apexure hosted a meeting with Ledger Bennett’s internal team to understand more about their client, the history of the account and the pain points for both parties.

The client had a clear goal: to increase their conversion rates. However, Ledger Bennett had limited availability and constraints around the skills necessary for the project.


Working as a synergistic team, Apexure held an initial call with the client in which they introduced themselves as a conversion party following the agency’s suggestion.

They reviewed the current standpoints and quickly established a timeline of action points from both sides.

Although the agency’s skillset was excellent, their limited resources meant Apexure’s team of conversion-focused UX/UI designers took the lead for this project. The Apexure team designed a new series of conversion-focused landing pages within WordPress and Unbounce, all of which had clear action points and goals. For each design, a secondary design was created for A/B testing, to maximise the potential for the pages.


The updated experiences launched alongside changes to ad copy within their paid search campaigns - all of which saw great success.

Apexure has continued to work with Ledger Bennett on a number of client projects, and have combined to create a seamless and unified team.


Following the initial review, Apexure got to work setting targets that aligned with the senior leadership team’s goals.

The team created a bespoke landing page for a new, targeted campaign, establishing a range of tracking and analytical tools to monitor its success. \n\nWorking in collaboration with DOOR3’s marketing team, the Apexure team also developed a new sales funnel, linking the various marketing platforms into a streamlined sales process.”

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