Lead Capture Landing Page

Lead Capture Landing Page

A lead capture page is a type of landing page which features an optimised lead capture form. The page offers value to visitors or strangers in exchange for an email. Factors which you can use to increase sign-ups on your Lead Capture Landing Pages.

Target Audience:

Depending on what visitors you want to target, your page should influence the right segment depending on the where they are in your marketing funnel. E.g. If you are planning out your Top of the Funnel Lead capture then a good idea would be to capture emails only.

Define your giveaway:

Having a valuable reward will drive your visitors to give out their email addresses. The challenge is to share the right kind of reward to the correct segment. Here is a list of a offers/rewards you can share:

  • Industry rich whitepapers or reports.
  • Ebooks – A complete guides which has amazing valuable content.
  • A newsletter with tips related to your area of subject matter expertise
  • An email course delivered via a drip campaign
  • A podcast – useful for people who like to listen on the run.
  • Checklists/scorecards – good for people that need to see how well they are doing and produce a to-do list of things to improve
  • Webinars – live presentation, coupled with Q&A featuring experts and guest speakers.
  • Consultation – this lead gen page could be used towards Bottom of the Funnel where you can offer 1:1 consultations with your prospects.

Call to Action Button:

Although a page could have multiple buttons across the landing page but the primary action on the page or the page goal should be consistent. Instead of the words like “submit” you can get creative and include terms like “Save my Spot”, “I want to see this”, “Get my Free eBook” etc

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Landing Page Features:

  • The page follows a strong visual hierarchy to promote the most important content up front.
  • Clear Value Proposition, Engaging images, Testimonials, Logos all compliment the factors that drive conversions.
  • Built from the ground up using Balsamiq, Photoshop & integrated in Unbounce.

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