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SaaS Landing Page

This page shows a bespoke landing page for SaaS companies, Software-as-a-Service online solutions.

These are the factors which you can use to increase clicks on your Landing Pages specifically for SaaS companies:

Existing Customers:

You don’t want to annoy existing customers, have your login buttons above the fold, possibly in the header. However, in order not to make them less of an attraction use ghost buttons instead.

Headlines; Product USP:

The Unique Selling Proposition should be concise, clear and persuasive. Also sometimes, adding numbers to your headline is one of the greatest conversion rate optimization techniques.

SaaS Call to Action Button:

Although a page could have multiple buttons across the landing page but the primary action on the page or the page goal should be consistent. Instead of the words like submit, Get Started you can get creative and include offers e.g. “Try it Free for 30 Days”, “Start my Free Trial”.

No distractions: Do you have social icons on your page or link from your logo to your website homepage? If yes, these could potentially leak visitors and distract them. The trick is to remove any distractions on the page and focus users’ attention on the big old Call to Action button.

Attention Grabbing Headline:

Ensure the first text users read has the punch to attract them and grab their attention.

Social Proof:

A reinforcing customer quote or testimonial with real photos. If you don’t have testimonials can you prepare a stat which has the numbers of users/customers. As shown by research, people really like looking at human faces on the web, and testimonials are more likely to be trusted when they include a photo of the person quoting it. You could also include video testimonials from your top customers and showcase them on your page.

Social Media Counters:

Another great way to add social proof is by adding social media count boxes. The boxes that display the number of people that have liked your brand across channels like Facebook or Twitter. Those numbers can’t be faked.

A Hero Image/Video:

One of the highlights of a landing page for SaaS businesses is to include a high quality screenshot, or an embedded video or even an animated video to explain the benefits of the product.

Product Benefits:

Another important factor to include is a bulleted list of product benefits. The idea is to nourish visitors at this step so they get enough information to take the next step.


Do you have trial period you can offer your customers for Free? Using Micro-commitments is an effective way to generating SaaS sign-ups. However, it does rely on strong automation. Automation doesn’t only mean sending out canned emails. Part of your automation could also involve human interaction.

Landing Page Features:

  • Integrated in Unbounce with PayPal, Mailchimp and Zoho CRM.
  • Easy to read headline with 'above the fold' statistics.
  • Engaging visuals which compliment the Halal Dining Club’s target audience.
  • Built from the ground up using Balsamiq, Photoshop and Custom code.

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